Daddy’s Princess

Posted by Sanjana Sitaraman
October 15, 2017

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Daddy’s Princess is no more fragile, neither she is obedient nor is she sublime.
She is no more a princess, but a brave warrior now.
She carries no crown but h
an army of her own, a kingdom of her own .
She is owned not by her daddy , for she is on her own. Slave not to paternity and master in eternity.
She is not his naive princess, sweet and cuddly. But a wise and rebellious girl, familiar of the world, so ugly.
Time has been ruthless and her journey full of obstacles, a conquerer though. She;
victorious in all her dusky beauty, in her tangled hair, in her ‘figure-less’ figure.
She is not your Princess anymore, daddy! A warrior now. And she isn’t waiting for her Prince, for she owns herself, rules her lands, fights her own battles… all by herself. “

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