Don’t tax my periods !

Posted by Sowmya Yerramsetti
October 14, 2017

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Did you know that 88% women in India do not have access to sanitary napkins ?They  use alternatives like pieces of rag, ash, sand and husk.As a result, almost 1 in every 4 adolescent girl in the country quits school when she hits puberty. Poor menstrual hygiene is also responsible for almost 70% of reproductive diseases in India. Why should lack of sanitary napkins and superstitions stand as a barrier for Indian women?They are not born to sit amidst the 4 walls of their homes, take care of their  husbands and raise children . They are not birth machines or cooks , they are  human beings. As a fortunate and privileged girl child , I want to ensure that every girl in this state and country has access to sanitary napkin access in their homes , schools , nearby hospitals and want to educate them about the significance of wearing these pads and the diseases that could result from them neglecting to wear it . Further , it is very important  to educate them about the importance of girl child education and how periods need not be a barrier in women’s life to explore her horizons.

On top of this, the GST on sanitary napkins increased to 12% ! What is the Government trying to achieve ?This is just worsening the situation..Why is a women’s necessity being taxed for ? We need to change this now ! If we want our country to develop, it will not just happen, WE have to be the change WE want! Let us spread awareness about this issue and abolish it . Let us move one step ahead in enhancing the life of women in India and take India one step forward towards becoming a better place ! Each one of us, like a droplet of water, can build together an ocean of a change !

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