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Dou Minute mein Path Padhaya

Posted by Gautam Kanekar
October 14, 2017

NOTE: This post has been self-published by the author. Anyone can write on Youth Ki Awaaz.

This isn’t sooooo big a story , nor is it a catastrophic event or an emotional outburst I have been through , but the lesson this small incident taught me , or say enlightened me of what I knew but had forgotten and not adhered to , can help avoid major to  ‘majorest’ relationship and social tensions or conflicts for everybody who exists as a human-being …………..

12th October , 2017 :

Standing in front of me were two people, an old lady of I don’t know what age , and a young boy who must have been a bit older than I am . We were all supposed to get down from the bus at the next stop , hardly a distance away . Suddenly, due to some  traffic at the turning point of the road, the bus took a slow halt in it’s mission to drop us at our destination.   I spotted a near-chance of getting down there and then (as it was safe and the bus had decided to take rest for a few seconds.) so as to avoid the extra 50m I would have had to walk at my way down  home. Generally  get down at a stop just before the one I was getting down at today The former would help me reduce the distance to my abode by at least 50m as compared to today . In fact , the bus as an effect of traffic , had stopped almost next to my regular stop . Now 50m wasn’t a big distance to bother walking for , but I was bored and tired enough to not miss any  time-and-energy-saver to home sweet home .

I tried to make a way through the two Homo Sapiens  in front of me . But due to my lack of justification to get down at a spot which wasn’t a stop for the bus I was travelling in and precisely due to the old woman’s position right at the spot from where our queue took birth from , I couldn’t even surpass the guy standing in front of me . I had actually not asked her to sanction some space  for me to get down, but I had struggled a bit to sought my way through them of which hardly she must have realised anything though .  And then the bus moved on , while the woman snatched away my chance of getting down ‘a bit’ early . After a whole day at college along with two rounds of Mumbai local and an enthused mind to reduce 50 m from an upcoming small walk , my mind had enough reasons to get antagonistic at The First Lady of the queue I was standing in ( Referring to Madame The Old Woman here) . I cussed about the lost chance in my mind . The series of crestfallen emotions that followed were not serious enough to institute legal charges against the lady (obviously I was still in my senses) , but they were merely enough to bother me for a few more seconds that passed.

While I continued to bother myself over my misadventure just a few seconds ago , I was suddenly struck by a thought of self-realisation and maturity . My mind questioned , ‘’ On what grounds can the woman be considered guilty and be blamed and cussed at for your misadventure  when she had no idea that there is a creature behind her who wants to jump out of the bus a distance  away from the actual stop when it is assumed by almost all passengers that everybody in the bus aims to set his/her foot on the earth only at an official BMC bus stop. Also, did she know that you were in a utterly disgraceful state to relish adding 50m to your journey?”  Now, the bus of my angry thoughts  came to a longer halt than the de facto bus had done a few seconds ago.  I realised that I was directing myself into unnecessary botheration  without checking out the availabilities of the situation that just went by.  Even though I had no depression based thoughts about missing the chance and about the woman to call this episode of  self-realisation  a rescue from a huge case of misery , the small philosophical message I learnt was big enough to rescue me out of some of the toughest situations I might face in the future with the existent attitude.

I was proud of my mature-self  and satisfactorily set my foot down on earth from the bus at the designated stop. As far as I remember, seconds after I had  matured my thoughts in the bus, in virtue of the curiosity that arose in me then, I began to think about how I would pen this evolutionary incident down on my blog.

It’s must for all of us to courageously and patiently reason and understand the circumstances and the people involved for their actions and motives before coming to a conclusion and speeding away towards an unmindful act under the influence of an instant upheaval of emotions .  Looking back to this episode , I observed that the actual added distance to be walked  was not  that big as I had thought of it to be , it was smaller than what I had presumed . It was just the chance I had missed to get down a bit earlier which led me into inflated inferences of the circumstance.

Keep calm.

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