Double the Dose

Posted by Santa Santosh Avvannavar
October 17, 2017

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This is one of our longer stay at a town among all the transfers that my father had out of his regular job. This stay has a profound affect on my memory, often my father would say, ‘earn people, rest is assured’. I did little realize this earlier but by years passing by to the closer of stay at the town gave me a faith. We siblings along with mother were out in market to buy grocery. As my eye fell on a silver horse that was displayed in a goldsmith shop, there was an inner call to get it myself gifted!

Like most of children, I persisted my mother to gift me one. She did try to calm by showing lesser money in her pocket. However, I didn’t seem to understand to her inability to buy at moment. With emotional upheaval she took us to the shop. The goldsmith was kind enough to welcome us and asked us to take a seat. My mother tried to use him as an instrument to explain me that it’s expensive. But even that didn’t yield any result. He immediately wrapped the horse in a paper handing over to me, don’t worry your father would for pay it. There spell a silence on his act!

On the same day while having dining, I asked my father, how did the goldsmith have faith in you? Looking through his lowering eye-glasses he said, ‘the best medicine for humans is love’. Out of curiosity I asked another question, what if it doesn’t work? ‘Double the dose’, he replied making him a way for a stroll. I yelled to ask, what if it doesn’t work again? ‘Triple the dose’ he yelled back. I again yelled louder from the window, what if it doesn’t work again? He said in much louder, ‘don’t you think it’s working between us now?’ A silence hung as he waved for a stroll! It took several years for me to understand his answer and that was if he could show kindness of act inspite my repeated asking stupid ‘what it’ question that made me feel good, can’t I have faith in him?

Santa Santosh Avvannavar, CCO, QtPi Robotics

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