Dr. sinchan das, the real gem

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October 19, 2017

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When you first take a look on Dr. Sinchan Das, you may be unable to find anything intriguing about the guy. There is no indications that this seemingly ordinary human being carries a mine of knowledge and ocean of positive qualities within him. No distinct features that may give the hints about a inspiring, revolutionary and great personality of now a days. He is the example, of how to become extraordinary with your bold attitude and internal will power even after several life threatening and insulting forces also.

                                        Dr. Sinchan Das      

He is a wonder child from the very first time of his life in the field of traditional Indian Classical Music. After taking admission in a heritage institution of India Pratap Chandra Memorial Homoeopathic Hospital & College, his academic career graph had started to grow up in a continuous manner in spite of various disturbing and distracting impulses. Dr. A. Chatterjee said, “his hunger for knowledge was extraordinary and remarkable.” Famous Anatomist Dr. Sen said, “He is the combination of dedication, determination and perfection. His positive and polite attitude has imaged a successful physician of future from those very first days.” His diagnostic powers are truly subjected to appreciation, which is the key for his this massive level of success as a physician.

                                                       QUOTE BY DR. SINCHAN DAS

He is a person with numerous dynamic qualities, like crystal clear understanding, revolutionary & unique thought, bold admirable nature, motivational & magnetic teaching capacity, mesmerizing voice and polite positive behavior. He has smashed many social stigmas and practices boldly with the help of easily understandable scientific explanations. In this extremely furious time, when the earth descends downward in a lightning like velocity and drowned under several negative factors, like misconception, disbelieve, arrogance, addiction, cruelty, jealousy, unhealthy competition and many more; this young guy has shouted against all deteriorating forces fearlessly.

                                                               QUOTE BY DR. SINCHAN DAS

His motivational speech has created a number of followers. He has showed the flambeau of hope and peace. He said, “each minute thing affect our mind crudely in its own way consciously or subconsciously and that image has govern the body accordingly. To make a healthy society, it is of prime importance that, we have to understand the psychology of the society at first along with their individual preferences. Because preferences, like preference of colour, preference of music, styles, choices, mode of talking, mode of sitting, mode of standing etc. all are important for the judgement of one’s mental way, tendencies and from these parameters, we can easily figured out about the future sufferings and prevent those sufferings successfully. It is not important that how will you treat patients with or without drugs but it is important that whether you can treat them wholly or not. To live without medicine free from all diseases is much more important than to live with medicines and to achieve these goals we have to reconstruct our lives in a true and healthy manner. He said, we are fighting by considering Homoeopathy, Allopathy, Ayurveda these systems, but every system has its own scope and limitations.”

                                                                                                   QUOTE BY DR. SINCHAN DAS

Dr. Rabin Dutta said, “It is a very dangerous tendency of our society to directing all decisions under the light of personal comfort, business strategies and complexes. But in spite of numerous lucrative offers, his unchangeable mentality really a matter of appreciation.” In his unique paper named “ROLE OF COLOURS ON HUMAN LIFE”, he has demonstrated how different colour preferences are helpful in diagnosing & preventing several pathological conditions.

According to Dr. John Cameron, “it is a milestone in the world of medical science”. Dr. Sinchan Das said, “it is very easy to declare anything as false or true, but it should be borne in our mind that all changes or all deviations may not affect our daily well-being acutely but potentially damages our internal health and that may manifest as a serious problem in near future and may harm the health of our next generation dangerously.” We are fragmentary parts of this universe, not any individual entity. This nature is governed by a fixed principle and will not be changed in any way, and to live in this nature and for survival each fragment of this nature must need to follow that principle strictly.” In his extensive research, Dr. Sinchan Das has found the cause of these mountains of disease. He said, “each minute thing affect our mind crudely in its own way consciously or subconsciously and that image has govern the body accordingly.”

According to Prof. David Miller, “This may opened up a new path in the research of health science and excellent scientific explanations of the paper has successfully demonstrated the inevitable effects of colour preferences in each corners of the life.”

                                                                         QUOTE BY DR. SINCHAN DAS

On questioning Dr. Sinchan said, “Faulty strategies and guidelines may endanger the social health in recent future. For example, permissions for crosspathy is a dangerous and unscientific decision; because, there are several Homoeopathic drugs capable of controlling acute emergencies successfully. But in the order, homoeopath’s do not have any permission for giving saline. This is a childish and foolish order, because saline is needed to maintain fluid-electrolyte balance in the body, this must not be fall under the domain of any particular system of medicine.”

                                                                        QUOTE BY DR. SINCHAN DAS

His one of the professors, Dr. S. Dutta said, they also face huge pressures, which compel us to take wrong steps even against our will also. The so-called intellectual society is suffering from complexes and fear due to this magical personality. Dr. Sinchan Das is the idol of sacrifice, boldness, honesty and dedication. His scientific explanations wandered the experts and opened up a new path in front of us. It is true that his understandings and theories are just opposite to the business strategies of modern dates. It is the high time, when the people need to come and raised their voice, saying “ go ahead sir, we are with you.”

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