E-com Giant Amazon is taking down CSD by Online Grocery Shopping

Posted by Tamana Khullar
October 20, 2017

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A rewarding shopping that is easy going is all we want. Especially the times when we are shopping for our grocery and other daily items; we tend to buy at whatever price available. Moving down the whole month requirements bulk shopping is a striking option, isn’t it? So let’s look at our options; a Canteen or Online Shopping.

Online shopping isn’t a hassle for us, still we prefer the CSD. Why so, when CSD is a much bigger hassle. And I still remember those days; how my father used to ask for someone’s canteen card or club together as per other persons time requirements. Ah! What a heck it was. That stupid time when you leave all your priorities for one little benefit! You know when sometimes the option wasn’t available. What was left then? Buying all those utilities at higher rates from any available local store, what is the fun of the better option available when it’s of no use? This whole situation is just not helping me settle to an agreement.

Why not I go for Online Shopping? At least I don’t have to go through all the card availability troubles. A single login can take me to Apni Dukaan. After that I can get a wide variety of products to choose from and more, all at my ease. This will not just be cheap shopping; I get the same kind of benefits as I share with my local store. And icing folks I am getting home delivery. Further Amazon Prime will get my delivery within 24 hours and many such perquisites just to increase my comfort and short time span needs.

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Thinking upon it again … Yes, this Online Shopping experience is just going to be better. The utilities that you shop in bulk from a CSD are coming at your door step with more comfort following by; from your own shop.

Amazon provides you the grocery and other utilities at cheap and valid pricing. To cater all your comfort and needs, all this is changing with time as the world goes digital they give us better just on our click. A shop exceeding Rs. 500 will be a free delivery, and don’t we want to shop in bulk just to save the months’ shop in one go. Amazon is just helping you cater your offline needs at ease.

Amazon provides us yet another facility; the products we buy every month can be subscribed. Umm! Maybe something like notifying our recurring needs or maybe it’s just something more. Let’s unravel the excitement.

This subscription would enable us a hassle free shop of our recurring product; once I subscribe my recurring toothpaste needs and the time span, after every specified time-span; without placing an order I will receive the product.

Will I be given some extra discount on that product? Yes a fixed amount will be saved on each repeating need. Now fixed priced toothpaste will also be discounted. Real joy is definitely in extra benefits. A discount and no hassle of re-ordering is just what is needed now.  Now the fixed price is not going to take away my pocket, rather give me something back on my fixed budget so far.

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Ladies this is the time to re-budget your monthly savings with INRDeals. All those amazing discounted products at your ease, then there is time for some extra topping on your pizza. Here is how it works for you, pull out your already amazing shopping in the same fashion, save for yourself and on the contrary when you shop through INRDeals they save for you. Just login to INRDeals.com and pull out its Artificially Intelligent Chrome Extension on your chrome or a bookmark on any other browser and shop. It will give you extra cashback on every purchase and save for you automatically. We get the cashback in the form of INRCash that can be withdrawn even in your bank account. Now God! You can stop this, what else do I need in this world?

Our doorstep delivery is going to be in a class fashion, thanks to Amazon packaging, it is not only getting us a plastic bag packaging of our dhaniya, pudina. A discount, a class service and simultaneously save for ourselves.

Happy Shopping Folks!

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