Posted by Abdullah Aftab
October 5, 2017

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thought of writing this. Everyone was giving there opinion on economics of the country so how can i stay silent..

the country’s development as a regional power undergoes certain measures. which are as follows
1. Solidarity amongst each other (unity of communities)
2. Growth of PCI or if it is in good condition it can be stagnant.
3. Revolutions are not to be suppressed but to observe prudence
4. It is universally acceptable for a government to make mistakes, therefore govt. should take up reforms and also accept reforms if they are off track.
5. A government servant is a citizen first and hence he can make opinion against his/her government
6. It is okay to have resources which are above the calibre of country (this increases calibre ofc) but what is not good is not having those resources which made your existing calibre
7. foreign policy ofc is factor
I also proposed the theory that foreign policy is inversely proportional to national security till some course.

I am not a professional economist. And I don’t want to make up random figures to tame you but all I can give is a remark over economy.
Manufacturing and retail is where Indians are struggling today and if they struggle to do business a future with darkness is near and indeed we badly need reforms.

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