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Evening coaching classes? save your daughters on their way back home

Posted by Tut Stu
October 7, 2017

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In a country where a people worship a lot of female deities, it’s almost satirical that crimes against females are prevalent. Young girls are often subjected to various humiliations. Their age, ethnicity, religion, location or time doesn’t matter. Girls aren’t safe anywhere and that’s the bitter truth. Whenever they let their guards down, someone takes the advantage of their vulnerability.
When it comes to the security and well-being of their children, parents leave no stone unturned. They never compromise with their child’s future

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Parents provide them everything that might ensure a radiant future. But, their hearts quiver in fear by hearsay about crimes and violations. They live in the shadow of fright and horror that something might happen to her daughter.
They try to shape the delicate minds of their daughters and warn them about the cruel and grim world. Every girl gets to hear things like “don’t trust anyone you meet” and “Don’t talk to strangers” in her life.

Evening Coaching Classes and Your Daughter’s Safety

Neha, 15 yrs old, was not an exception. She was leading a content life with her parents in Matunga, Mumbai. Neha’s mom and dad were doing everything they could to support her dreams of being a Fashion Designer.
She used to attend an Evening Coaching Class for English in her High School days. She used to travel alone, for around 45mins, to reach there at 6 pm. But while returning, her parents used to pick her up from the Evening Coaching Class at around 8 pm.

One foreboding day, both her parents were unable to accompany her on her way back from the Coaching Class. Neha went to attend her coaching nonetheless. On her way back, on the dark, narrow and lonely side street, she stumbled upon a bunch of hooligans. She freaked out as they kept abusing her verbally by lecherous remarks. They even tried to pounce on her, grab her and chased her.
Read on to know what finally happened to Neha while returning from late Evening Coaching Classes.

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