fading optimism

Posted by white sand
October 20, 2017

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Hey people, what the fuck yo?
This city is choking, not just the signs
What I’m talking about is the pain in my eyes
Listen ignorant retards, what you need is a
Decibel 1500 bomb going off, 
As close as a parallel universe, right by your ears
But in this dimension, but neh!
You’ll fucking make that your orgasm ehh?
Growing up, this is the culture you saw
So you call this the tradition of the religion? 
Now this may come up as a revelation, 
Hope it does, cuz it’ll work on you, but it won’t. 
Giving others a middle finger with this loophole
Called religion, 
Has worked way too long for you. 
And what culture? Misogynist by heart, racist by design 
You don’t give a shit until that shit load of litter grows a little more
And forces itself down in your throat, and even then
What you’ll do is pray or go to a shrine. 
If only you were capable of not forcing your faith upon your children 
What I would have said is teach them compassion and not some hate cyphered. 
However you’ll rather see them not do the science than not touch the feet of their fathers and grandfathers. 
And then when they don’t become a scientist or an engineer you whack them, 
Cuz you didn’t get your dreams fulfilled since your father was also a whack-job,what culture! 
Therefore you end up defying orders,
So when the court at the top of the chart says People what the fuck yo! Your city is choking 
You take it as joke! Believe me
When the Tsunami comes and you have burnt 
The last reserves of coal 
You’ll stand up on the shore and burn a fire cracker
Unaware how you’ve fucked up the earth, thinking it was dope. 
And the people you’ve picked to serve you are the same, 
Half of them don’t know that that there is country called Sudan. 
You see, GST was just another legislation, but they felt the need to celebrate 
Don’t you see, that’s how they market, the achievements they haven’t achieved. 
They promised a crore jobs a year, and what they deliver is around a lakh and a half
The surveys say the problem of hunger here is worse than that of North Korea, where food is an artifact! 
Is it a surprise that what they want you to see 
Is grand statues and temples, 
So you can go bang your head there, and die, and not dissent? 
They ban films and valentine’s day and sex education, while
the temples where you and they pray, depicts sex with erotic freedom. 
Now, all of it is so deeply ingrained in you
I don’t see a change happening anytime soon. 
But I want my ‘right to breathe’, fucking do something about it. 
Ban these fire crackers all throughout the year, and the loud speakers 
which they play in the name of religion and tear a hole in my ear, 
Set up a committee and give’em power
To close any factory that pollutes the air and the water 
And not rally behind the spiritual gurus, who have their businesses to look after. 
And you! Be an example for your children, pick up the trash you’ve been spreadin’ and don’t throw plastic out of the train or bus in which you’re travellin 
There is a thing called recycling, 
which will be carried out once you get off of your transportation! 
The damage we have done is already beyond repair,and the process is speeding. 
Innovation is what can pull the brakes and reverse it. 
But you and they are in a time machine that has gone back in time and frozen, 
Dark ages have this commonality, religion over rationality 
As for now, the development is going backwards, 
Do something, or your sons and daughters have a future more fucked up!

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