Feel Free To Call Me A Bigda Hua Ladka

Posted by John Elijah in #BHL
October 8, 2017
Editor's note: This post is a part of #BHL, a campaign by BBC Media Action and Youth Ki Awaaz to redefine and own the label of what a 'bigda hua ladka or ladki' really is. If you believe in making your own choices and smashing this stereotype, share your story.

I’d love to be called a ‘bigda hua ladka’

When I see someone labelling another person as a ‘bigda hua ladka’ or a ‘bigdi hui ladki’, I feel jealous. I feel if the person being called ‘bigda hua ladka’ or ‘bigdi hui ladi’ as lucky.

You may ask why?

Well here are my reasons.

Society Wants to Label Everyone

There is a label for everyone around us. So, what difference will it make if someone calls me out a name based on something I firmly believe in. We would not have seen many of the inventions around us if high achievers had cared about what others were saying about them. There is an extensive list of individuals who went against the typical societal bias of not having enough education to become successful. You want me to name some? Here are some people:

  • David Bowie who become a legendary musician
  • Michael Faraday is one of the most significant inventors the science has ever witnessed.
  • Srinivas Ramanujan, one of the leading mathematicians of India.
  • John Rockefeller, who led a business empire.
  • John Glenn one of the world-renowned astronauts from the US
  • Gregor Medel, the man who was behind the discovery of genetics.

The People Find It Hard to Criticize Someone Objectively

Sometimes, people do not understand what you are trying to achieve. They just want to criticize you for things they do not understand. You are aiming for something they have never heard. Geeks often find themselves in that situation. In modern times we have seen many geeks taking their success to the next level.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are two legendary geeks that we are bound to remember for generations. They both had an idea that the world needed computers. They believed that computers were not just for businesses instead people could use them to they do their daily tasks.


Steve Jobs led the creation of the world’s most famous smartphone, aka the iPhone. Bill Gates started working on DOS or Disk Operating Systems when the world saw it as a crazy idea. People thought “who would buy computers? They will never become cheap enough for everyone to afford.” However, these two had other ideas. We can now see their impact on the world of IT.

They Are Never Happy No Matter What You Do. So Why Care?

Lastly, yet importantly, no matter what you do, people would always complain. If you are doing something, they would say, “why are you doing this?” If you are not doing something, they would say, “why are you not doing this.”

So do what you believe in, and you pursue it with all your heart. So the next time someone calls you a ‘bigda hua ladka’ or a ‘bigdi hui ladki’, take it as a compliment. If you start taking societal stereotypes too seriously, you will never be able to become your true self.