First social Networking app Made in Assam to be launched on 15th Oct’17

Posted by Mukhlesur Rahman
October 2, 2017

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OyeStar is a social networking app made in Assam. It offers a different flavour and provides features that are highly sought after by the youths of this generation. It can be operated through the app and also the website.

The website and app allow users to connect with others and gives them the opportunity of interacting openly and even anonymously. The users can anonymously text any other user. On the other hand, users also get an anonymous chat option where they can enter and interact with people who opt for a live chat with others anonymously.

We all love taking pictures. Whether we go shopping or travelling, whether we are sitting alone at home or partying with friends, we love taking pictures because it captures the moment and lets us relive it again and again.

Not just taking pictures, we also love sharing those memories on social network with all our friends and followers. OyeStar makes this process even more fulfilling by rewarding its users for sharing their best memories with their friends and followers. The app selects the top photos and profiles and rewards them with cash prizes and other exciting gifts.

Not just that, OyeStar believes and helps in ‘taking out the star in you’. We all have a hidden star in ourselves. We all have hidden talents and sometimes we, ourselves, are not aware of the talents that we have hidden inside us.

Unless and until some well-wisher comes and helps us discover and nurture those hidden talents, they eventually die out. OyeStar is that well-wisher for you. OyeStar hones the hidden talents of its users and helps in nurturing those talents by gradually bringing out and making you the star that you deserve to be.

If you have any talent such as singing, dancing, dubsmashing, mimicry, sketching, painting, photography, videography, etc, you show them to the world through OyeStar. Even if you are not good at any of the above, do not get disheartened. OyeStar will hold your hand and take you forward and make you the best in those. OyeStar not only helps only develop yourself, it pays you to develop yourself.

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