Five Things You Could Learn From A Gadha

Posted by shadan arfi
October 24, 2017

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Since my childhood, I’ve been a friend to many Gadhas, and have always loved being in the company of Gadhas.When I told my parents about my admiration for this wonderful creature they were not very comfortable with the idea of making them as my friend, because they wanted me to grow in a company of more liberated and respected animals such as lion or wolf, but destiny has given me a lot of opportunities to live with Gadhas, for the last 15 years I have met so many Gadhas , in University campus, on highways, near dhabas , and I feel blessed that i met so many Gadhas in my life , Gadhas have been a constant source of motivation for me,even more so, they have taught me some of the greatest life lessons.

Five important things Gadhas can teach you about what matters most in pragmatic life

1.Enjoy the moment.
Gadhas remember simple things like how they were treated, what street takes them home and, they only thing they remember — is the moment. Whether they’re eating grass or pulling a cart, Gadhass live for the present moment. They do not even pretentiously think about past or future, they just live and enjoy the moment.

2. Don’t hold grudges
A grudge is a feeling of resentment toward someone. It originates in our mind. Humans are probably the only species that holds a grudge. A Gadha will never be angry with you because of its competency of empathy with situations.

3. Shout out loud when you’re happy.
Have you ever seen a Gadha making the mischievous sound or jumping up in happiness? Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all shout when we’re excited about something? We live in a miraculous world where the sun sets up every day and seasons change. There is much to jump for joy about like Gadhas.

3. Unanimity
We, humans, spend a lot of time trying to be different from each other instead of enjoying commonality, How pathetic we have become, Just look at Gadhas, they are so unambiguous and unanimous.

4. Obedient
When Gadhas pull a cart or provide a ride to human beings, they stick to their command given by their master, they do not smell the air and or feel the flesh against their skin.They don’t care where they’re going. They’re just enjoying the journey without even bothering to think about their responses to a particular action or behavior of others.

5. Be Humble and dependable.
Gadhas are the most humble animals amongst all. They do not take success or their immense ability to pull things on their back in the head. They remain humble and dependent on their master for recognition of their effort.

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