From darkness to light – exploitation of child labour in fire cracker industry

Posted by Seshubabu Kilambi
October 19, 2017

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Deevali is around and most of us might be busy buying crackers. Young children as well as elderly persons show tremendous interest in bursting crackers.

Rarely do we think of those tiny tots waking up early and hounded into a lorry to take them to the factories where crackers are manufactured with toxic chemicals. Though the child labour is illegal and punishable, the rules are consistently violated in these parts of Shivakashi in Tamil Nadu. The accidental blasts often kill the children or make them disabled severely due to injuries sustained by chemical burns.

The crackers not only pollute environment but also much money is wasted purchasing them. The money is pocketed by few corporates.

Hence, let us think of meaningful use of money by making efforts in ‘ lighting’ the lives of thee children and uplifting them from pitch darkness of exploitation.

The children should be in schools playing and singing instead of earning for their families doing risky jobs from dawn to dusk without rest


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