From judgment to an opinion!

Posted by Sariya Ali
October 3, 2017

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I count my age not with any numerical scale but by the weight of the bag full of experiences. Today was yet another day to learn. I met a childhood friend or say a long lost friend with whom I had a relationship of extremes. There was a time when I had an engagement of day and night and then came the dawn when I didn’t even know what is happening in her life. Although, I left the town quite soon but all the news and rumors kept me updated about her. Surprisingly, there was a time when I had no less words in those gossips. But today, the catch up made me reflect upon few things and I couldn’t keep my hands off the keys to scribble down an essay of realization.

There is something very basic which prevails in almost all of us, but our conscious is highly ignorant of it. ‘Judgment’. To begin with judgment is like a sip of tea, from the complexion of a person to its figure, from an activity to someone’s ideologies, everything qualifies the school of judgment. But today, I realized that there is a huge difference between an opinion and a judgment. Former has a great scope of flexibility and changes with situation and time. However, judgment is a concrete concept, something which should be taken after a good investment of thought and understanding. No wonder, judiciary consumes a significant span before taking a decision. Judgments are justified within the boundaries of court while no man on this earth deserves an advantage of judging another man. Everyone was born tag-free, everyone deserves to live that ways. I, in no existent sense, would deny that every action voluntarily or involuntarily bags a societal reaction. This reaction in literal senses is an opinion which is unconsciously given a face of judgment.

Connecting the dots with my today’s experience, I found a really grown and positive person in my friend. I admit that lately I used to meet her with an unmovable judgment that she is still stuck in the puddle of stupidities. To my happiness, this day I saw a rainbow of change not only in her growth but also in my perspective towards creating opinions. The interaction implied to me that everyone can change, and no judgment based on someone’s past can ever define the pattern of its lifetime. Learning and moving on has a much bigger role than committing mistakes.

To put the moral in a nutshell, keep your opinions open to change. It is not very wise to come down to judgments, I was not being wise till now. It is a very basic point to remember that each human on this earth is capable of changing, and creating a judgment leads to shutting the doors not only to growth of that person but also to oneself.

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