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Frustration-lost identity

Posted by mudit joshi
October 11, 2017

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The reach of human frustration,desperation and intention is his inner voice extinction.
Intentions greedy or pure and unworthy desperation to fulfill them which results in frustration of not
achieving them.
Frustration arises when he looks at the dark clouds and misty fog wandering over sky instead of
colourful rainbow which may be not visible right now but it’s there somewhere.
When he loses his own identity and run after dreams which he never wanted but inherited from
others,when he kill his own inner voice and hear only voices of the outside world,voices which others
have always wanted him to hear ,killing voice of his own heart.
Frustration leads to depression and depression to addiction .Addiction may be of drugs,or the most
dangerous are ending one’s life and never trust anybody including yourself,diminishing self confidence
and a heart which wants to cry out loud,cry loud till eternity .His unique identity has changed to his
broken identity,broken dreams and finally broken individuality.
But actually it’s the time when you come to know who out there were always by your side,when you
know that writing and spending time understanding yourself can be so much fun.When u understand
that the shell of failure incorporates within it the shining pearl of success. You are now a stronger
individual ,individual who has seen the worst phase of his life.
You get time to reset your goals,renew your ambition and once again go for them with new strength and
new individuality…
Individual who knows his identity ,identity which is capable of writing his own destiny.

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