Getting In Shape – The Slimming Mechanism

Posted by Chirag Singla
October 6, 2017

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While I was designing this program, I met number of people who are curious about how to lose weight and doing workout like crazy and at the same time, they are following a very strict weight loss diet plan where they are almost starving themselves all day long. As you know, going on a diet is not a permanent solution because the moment you start eating, you know what happens next, you get in that shape again. So the big question was, is there any way to make this journey easy, quick, permanent and totally fun. That is when I saw a big GAP because no one knows the secrets behind why we have different body shapes, why he or she has a slim body, what are the mechanisms working behind it.

Chirag Singla

Being a Transformation Coach it is my duty to add value in the life of people so I started coaching my clients for natural weight loss and the results were miraculous.

Losing weight or getting in shape don’t have to be like doing workout like crazy or starving yourself all day long while being aware of the fact that it is not permanent solution at all. Instead it can be all about having fun, eating food all day long and losing weight, all at the same time and this time it will be permanent too.

So let’s walk-through all the five phases of transformation of this weight loss program “Getting in Shape”:

In the very first phase we will derive Your Success Formula for losing weight using Model of Success and we will discover the hidden forces that shapes our decision in each and every moment as you know decisions equals transformation, this won’t only help you in the context of losing weight, it will help you in the context of life and In the end we will set goals for the first three month.

In the second phase I will reveal The Slimming Mechanism to you which will help you in losing weight easily, fast and hassle free. In this phase you will learn about different eating habits, eating strategies, and how to make them a part of your eating lifestyle.

Third phase is the core phase of the program where we will program and condition your brain in a way so that to get in shape becomes natural for your body, which will help in accelerating the process of losing weight and making it permanent.

Fourth phase, there are times when there is a need to take control on our cravings, as it can push a person far from the goal of losing weight. In this session you will learn how to take control over the cravings, how to turn a boring food into an interesting one without even adding anything and how to turn interesting food into boring one.

In the last phase, we will design action plans for the next three months to make sure your weight loss goal is achieved while having fun and we will also set tracking parameters to track your progress towards your goal.

All I can say is “Your one decision can transform the quality of your life” and everyone make that decision sooner or later. Now this is your time to decide and get transformed.

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