Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Students and Importance of Ear Monitors

Posted by Charlie Brown
October 13, 2017

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With schoolwork, tests and a hectic social life, students often find it challenging to maintain a lifestyle that is beneficial for their health. Lack of good health can rapidly lead to illness, fatigue, moodiness, self-esteem problems, anxiety, stress and depression. Students can stay healthy during their school years in various ways.

Healthy Diet

A student needs to consume a healthy diet with adequate servings of fruit and vegetables. Other worthwhile nutritious choices include whole, lean protein sources and low-fat dairy. Students also need to monitor their portion sizes. Healthy foods like carrot sticks, apples and yogurt are great alternatives to unhealthy snacks when you have cravings or feel hungry.

Physical Activity

Students require ample amounts of physical activity each day. They should strive for the recommended hours of moderate exercise every week, including aerobic activities. You can burn calories in a variety of fun ways such as riding a bike, walking and swimming. Stay active with your favorite sports and use the gym facilities that are available at your school.

Stress Management

Stress management can be achieved by setting up daily habits that will help you alleviate stress and organize your days. Make sure that all your essentials like books and identification cards are accessible Avoid procrastination that can lead to the pressure of limited time and subsequent stress. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance when you need it for your schoolwork or social issues.

Rest and Sleep 

Regardless of how busy and hectic your schedule may be, strive for 7 hours of quality sleep each night. Being sleep deprived can have an adverse impact on different areas of your life such as personal relationships and academics. Lack of sleep also lowers immunity and makes you more vulnerable to illness. Breakfast is essential for fueling your body and giving you energy for the rest of the day. Exercising regularly and eating healthy should be fun with foods you like and activities that you enjoy.

Benefits of Exercise

When you develop the habit of being consistent with a healthy routine, the benefits of staying healthy can be seen, felt and experienced. Exercising is beneficial for your physical appearance and mental wellbeing.

  • After a day of studying, you may not be in the mood for running around the gym but exercise is actually effective for stress relief. Being physically active can help you manage both mental and physical stress. If you are mentally drained, consider working out for some time.
  • Exercise contributes to happiness and positivity. When you are happier it is easier to combat depression and other mental or emotional issues.
  • Exercise boosts self confidence as your body improves and you develop a positive attitude towards your appearance. Exercising is useful for toning, strengthening and tightening the body’s muscles. These factors can help to enhance your overall self-image and perception.
  • Spending quality time outdoors is an important component of a student’s healthy lifestyle. It enables you to appreciate different aspects of life and nature. Set aside some time every week to take a brisk walk as you enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Aspects of Healthy Eating

Healthy eating will keep you looking and feeling younger for longer. It involves controlling and monitoring your cravings to ensure that you diet is balanced and healthy. Healthy foods increase energy ad minimizes the risk of developing various diseases. 

Choosing Ear Monitors

There are various guidelines that you can keep in mind whenever you want to choose ear monitors that will work well for you.  Click here for the benefits of IEMs.

In-Ear Monitors

In-ear monitors are earphones that have been designed to facilitate casual listening on your personal device. They may not be the best options for live performances on stage because they do not have the capacity to block out the loud sounds or handle loud transients during live mixes. Turning them up excessively to aid isolation can lead to loss of clarity. 

Wired and Wireless Ear Monitors

  • A common assumption regarding all ear monitors is that they are wireless due to their appearance on television and at professional concerts. You can choose between wired and wireless earphones, depending on your needs and preferences.
  • For most musicians, it is liberating to not have a wire and performers who constantly move around will not be comfortable with a wired system. Some musicians value wireless monitors while others like guitarists and drummers may not necessarily need to be wireless.
  • Going wireless is ideal for certain scenarios and you can make your choice according to the impact that particular earphones will have on your performance.

Genetic and Custom Earphones

  • Genetic fit or universal earphones typically consist of replaceable rubber tips or foam that adapt to the ears after insertion. They should be properly placed within the eat canal in order for the tip to expand and effectively keep out ambient sound.
  • Custom-molded monitors place a nozzle and speaker driver inside a case that is molded according to the unique shape of an individual’s ear. An impression of the ear is professionally made and the earphone manufacturer uses it to make a case for holding the components of the earphone.
  • Universal ear monitors are shareable with different clean rubber or foam tips. Customized earphones offer superior comfort for extended wear, enhance sound quality and provide better isolation.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of ear monitors include sensitivity, frequency response and noise reduction. It is also important to consider how the earphones actually sound. Product descriptions typically give an ideal of the sound that the listener should expect but the best way to assess how earphones sound is by listening.

Personal Preferences

Consider your personal preferences while choosing ear monitors. This covers aspects such as the appearance, sound and comfort. People are different and have varying needs in regards to ear monitors. Investing in quality earphones is essential when you want to guarantee a favorable in-ear experience.

  • Opt for the best sounding variety with options of custom molding or universals, depending on your requirements and budget.
  • A good pair of earphones will give you a worthwhile overall experience and wireless links can be added when the need to do so arises.

In-ear monitors can be used for the purpose of casual listening or replacing stage monitors using live performances.

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