How Left ideology rules and fools!

Posted by redpandachamp
October 19, 2017

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Speaking without logic, demanding all sort of ridiculous things when counter them with facts the they label that person an ultra-nationalist bigot who will destroy everything.

Yes I am talking about sick mentality of Leftists. We always talk about Islamic terrorism destroying our nation but it’s the Left ideology who supports. Leftist ideology evolved differently in India and West but the aim is same everywhere that is destroy the nation internally and allow external enemies to capitalize. There are many things to discuss on evil ideology of Left but we will focus on few things only in this article.

Left ideology is generally a tool by enemy nation to create political instability. It also can be employed by internal enemies by manufacturing certain propaganda to dismantle smooth functioning of state. It happens on the name of peace for all, equality new kinds of rights etc.


Dilution and Concentration of Left

Everyone must have heard terms like Communism, socialism, liberalism, feminism etc. These are different versions of Left ideology. Newly Independent nations of 1940s and 1950s had Nationalist wave and were bounded by Nationalist identity. So shit called socialism emerged on the name of helping poor. Bernstein a German socialist democrat advocated empowering trade unions and putting pressure on capitalist.

Even though he was a socialist he agreed on the fact that movement is everything and final aim of socialism is nothing.

Indian politics have witnessed many political parties which lure voters by saying that every poor student will get free laptop if there party comes to power. They never give clear cut roadmap for development. Fabian society of elite British socialists gave birth to Fabianism. Many elite wear diamond studs in comfortable position sit in New Delhi and say India is so poor! Why army kills terrorist in Kashmir. Bla…bla… Freedom of expression and assume all nonsense things. They themselves are rich and advocate that poverty reduction is gradual process. Maybe it might take some 1000 years or more!

Full-fledged Communism is seen when nation have faced defeat in war and its all chaos in the country. They speak about bullshit of classless and stateless society. Communists who are deprived of any political power because of internal struggle among the Leftists become Anarchist. Anarchist communist proposes that society should have self-governing communes with collective usage of means of production, with direct democracy as the political organization.

Some oppose majoritarian nature of democracy. My question is then how will the nation run? Left talks all nonsense and they will just bully you if oppose them!


Left Ideology in West.

The Left ideology started creeping 200 years before the Marxists. Let us not restrict this ideology in terms of Marxism only. As far as I know Europe they might love Catholicism but many of them started hating Pope. East Europeans are more religious than West Europeans. Maybe it’s not perfectly true but it’s the general perception. Machiavelli around 1500 gave his theory of state he opposed Church rule. This was the point Christianity in West got big jolt. Was Julius Caesar a Christian or did he followed Roman Gods? Why Greek Gods disappeared from the scene? Abrahamic religions forbids consumption of pork then why West people included it in their diet?

Pope sitting on 350 Kg gold chair and praying for poor was taken as insult by many educated people of West. Yes Nationalism was seen in West when we read episodes of Italy unification or German unification but they were based on common language and not on religious lines.

The destruction caused by World War gave golden opportunity to Left and they ruled many European nations. Blasphemy is cruel law and should be abolished but any Europe nations over compensated and now death penalty is not applicable for the most heinous offences as well!

Though nations in West Europe did not follow Command economy their social policies were disaster and lot of money wasted on social welfare schemes. A culture was created that it’s cool to be childless. Now Europe population is getting older and Arab refugees with numerous kids are eating their funds and enjoying as refugees in rich European nations.

We know how Muslim refugees are responsible for increased crimes girls are not safe etc. My point in things do not happen in one day! Demography did not change in one day. Continuous series of small negative changes by Left ideology creates a disastrous situation! Saudi Arabia will ot accept refugees from Syria but it will grant $100 million to build mosques.



Left ideology in India

Most Indian states rejected pure Communist regimes. Left ideology often existed as socialist parties and even Indian National Congress party who ruled for majority had left orientation. First PM Nehru knew that there is anger among the nation because of partition so he used Hindu symbols to fool the majority Hindu. Party symbol was cow and calf in the beginning. Influenced by Marxist ideology Nehru Govt took most industries under state control and few big private companies existed with heavy regulations on production.

As Communists in India always acted as Chinese agent Nehru gave UNSC permanent seat to China as gift on the name of diplomacy. Later Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister invited Bangladesh Muslims as refugees and created demographic changes. Wearing skull cap since 1990s became a fashion by socialist leaders of India and freebies were granted to them. Indian economy underperformed because Indian leaders slept in their comfortable cabins and once in while during their speeches said that industrialists must perform their social responsibilities. Why the Hell India still fails to create Special Economic Zones(SEZ)? For how long we will see freebies for electoral gains? Left who speaks about Dalit rights goes silent when Muslims killed Dalits.


Left conquers educational institutes

Left can afford to lose political powers but they want firm grip on educational institutes at every cost. Nationalist thoughts are kicked out and bullshit of political correctness is filled in brains of young students. History books in India glorify invaders like Mughals and for barbaric King like Aurangzeb they write- Ya he was bit intolerant towards Hindus but never mind it happens!

A person who he is fool says that there is no difference between Donkey and Horse both have four legs. This is what Left exactly does. All terrorist attacks happen because of sharia doctrine of Islamic jihad still they say terror has no religion in student debates. They advocate Non-Alignment policy and say that we should have good relations with China and Pakistan. Well China is destroying our domestic market and we do not need beggar nation like Pakistan for diplomatic relations.

Mumbai attacks happened during Manmohan Singh regime and the foolish ministers expected Barack Obama to take concrete decision on this matter! This move was appreciated by Left student wing. Problem complicates when Left student association and teachers support such decisions.


Problem of Right wing

Voter turnaround in elections are low. 60-65% in most Indian states. Many young people believe that we should not think about politics and Muslim vote dominates the election.

Somehow when Right wing party gains power they just try to hold power and do not try to kick out Leftist ideology from various institutions.  They also act as diluted version of left wing politics and fail to take concrete decision during their rule. Vajpayee Govt was kicked out in 2004 because they were soft on Pakistan even after Kargil war, No Ram Mandir they were also looking to woo Muslims!


Media is too Liberal!

Mainstream media is hated by many now especially after active role of social media. Its alright to criticize any Government but then they do not have concrete argument. On the economic front they only discuss freebies to be distributed. They never discuss concrete economic policies structural economic framework of the nation. The only thing they discuss in foreign policy is that leaders of two nations had a warm shake hand!

Most Prime Time debates of Indian media were-

Why Akhlaiq a Muslim man was killed?

Why there is intolerance under Modi Govt?

Demonetization affected Muslims!

Trump is fascist!

How will Muslims effect UP elections?

A journalist called Swati Chaturvedi crossed all limits and wrote that Modi planned conspiracy of rigging US elections and that is why Trump won!

On foreign channels I saw many in US were protesting against Trump when he was about to take oath.  When question was asked to one of the protestor why she is protesting she said he is fascist sexist etc. He will destroy US.

Oh yes Trump is very bad he snatched Hotdog from you!


Concluding Remarks

Left ideology is always inserted by enemy state. For India enemies are China and other Islamic states. The never use logic but baseless moral grounds.

Great Chankya rightly said-

“An education system which cannot impart Nationalist values among youth is worthless and should be abandoned and replaced with the one which can impart Nationalist values.’’

“When educated and honest people do not take interest in politics, fools and criminals starts ruling you”

We should oppose Left dominance in education system and youth must come forward and discuss politics.

Even if you are not interested in politics, politics is interested in you!

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