How To Download Tubemate For Windows Phone?

Posted by naveensharma91
October 13, 2017


Downloading Videos online is one of the most favourite hobbies of Smartphone users.  A recent survey suggests that video downloading from online websites is becoming more and more popular and a very common thing among the Smartphone users. There are lot of Video Downloaders available on the internet to download videos. The most popular of all the Video Downloader available on the internet is Tablemate YouTube Audio and Video Downloader. The Tubemate YouTube video downloader was originally created for the Android phones. It can’t be run directly on PCs or other phones. Now the question arises can the Tubemate Video Downloader work on Windows Phone. Yes, Tubemate Video Downloader will now work on Windows Phones as well.

Features of Tubemate for Windows Phone

Some of the features of Tubemate for Windows Phone are as follows:

  1. TubeMate for windows phone is considered one of the most useful applications for downloading favourite videos on windows smartphone.
  2. The resolution of YouTube Videos ranges from 114p to 4K Video from the YouTube. The Tubemate Video Downloader App has this specific feature of supporting all types of resolution videos to download.
  3. Since the latest version of this Application now works for the Windows phone users, it has s couple of features which makes it easy to download videos; the user just needs an internet connection to work.
  4. The Tubemate Video Downloader gives you quick access to your favourite videos, download and it also allows sharing your favourite videos.
  5. You can download as many videos as you can, there is no upper limit. You can download videos ranging from a resolution of 144p to the highest 4K Videos. It will all depend on the capacity and capability of your Windows phone
  6. The windows phone user can now watch mp4 videos and also download them to watch them later in the offline mode.
  7. The Tubemate App works in the background, so you can very easily continue with the task at your disposal and the videos will keep on downloading.
  8. Moreover, it is very easy to discover and download MP4 Movies with the help of TubeMate video Downloader for Windows phone.
  9. You can make use of the Tubemate as a video player as well. You can download mp4 videos and then play them as you do in the YouTube.
  10. The interface of Tubemate Video Downloader is very simple and easy to use. There are just a few simple options to follow for downloading a YouTube Video on your Windows phone.
  11. In addition, it contains an inbuilt video player that enables the user to playback the video one he/she downloads it. T
  12. he benefit of Tubemate App for Windows phone is that it helps you in identifying the latest top trending videos so that you don’t face any hassle in accessing your favourite videos
  13. The videos you will download will automatically store in the SD card of your phone but a user can change the location of videos where he/she wants to store the videos on their phone.
  14. The video downloading is free for all so you can download an unlimited number of videos with your TubeMate Application.

Steps To Download Tubemate Application for Windows Phone

The steps to download Tubemate Video Downloader Application for your Windows Phone are as follows:

  1. The Tubemate Application has some security related issues with the Google, so you will not be able to find it on Google Play Store.
  2. You will have to visit the official site of the Tubemate to Download the Downloader.
  3. And once you are able to locate the Application, click to download it.
  4. It will take few seconds to download Tubemate Application on your Windows Phone.

Now install the Application on your Phone and start downloading videos from your phone anytime.

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