How to Find A Surrogate Mother Online – A Few Important Factors To Consider

Posted by Sarita Malhotra
October 31, 2017

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Surrogacy in Delhi

One question that worries most childless couples is how to find surrogate mother online or otherwise. The answer to this question is not simple. It is natural for you to look for a surrogate mother that best meets your high standards and your physical, emotional and psychological criteria. Everyone who is involved in this procedure deserves to be treated with respect and sensitivity.

Few important things to know!

It is quite obvious that both the egg donors and the surrogate mother are performing a service that requires a fee; there are a few things that should be clear right from the very beginning. Everyone involved in this process have to undergo medical tests, medical visits and extensive background checks. This kind of extensive screening or scanning is completed primarily because of protecting the surrogates, the potential parents and the egg donors.

Hire surrogate mother online through an agency

When you ask yourself how to find a surrogate mother, there are several important factors you should take into consideration. Do you want to find one yourself or choose the one through an agency? It is always a good idea to choose the surrogate through the agency because they do an extensive process of screening that would help you face any problem or problems in future. Given that the agencies want to stay in business without getting involved into legal complications, they have huge incentive to go by everything as per the books. They would make sure that all their candidates of surrogate mothers are committed to task of carrying the baby up to the term for a couple.

Do involve a lawyer!

Of course, locating surrogate mother yourself is yet another option that many couples prefer. Probably, you already know someone who is willing to be the surrogate or you might have come across some advertisements online. Irrespective of which way you rely, you want to be selective while making the decision.Although many people prefer skipping hiring lawyer as they think no problem would occur and think more emotionally than logically. However, this can be a mistake for which you might regret later. If you do not have a legal agreement then a surrogate might change her mind leaving you childless and heartbroken.

Make the right decision!

Most couples prefer looking for a surrogate themselves so that they can save money. While choosing a low cost surrogate mother without any legal agreement might save money, there is no assurance you will get the baby.  The decision, how will you choose a surrogate mother is entirely yours, keeping these points in mind can help you make a well informed decision.

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