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Posted by Amrit Mahapatra
October 3, 2017

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For the first time in my life,I feel myself lucky(not fortunate) to be born as a Hindu in a country which we claim to be culturally diverse yet integrated in character.I know a lot of people may adjudge me as an anti national element for saying this but I feel ashamed to say that this great country of mine houses a bunch of feudal minded Hindutva terrorists too who feel no shame in publicly lynching a sixteen year old boy or a poor Muslim man.

And do you know what the reason was? It was sacrilegious, for the boy had ‘allegedly’ consumed beef, the meat of cow, our holy and divine mother.Like seriously? Do we guys have no humanity left in us to let a sixteen year old live after he begs for mercy folding his hands ? You know what the sad part is! We are and shall be forever indebted to a Muslim man called APJ Abdul Kalam for taking our country to heights we couldn’t even dream of but finally attribute every problem to the presence of Muslims in the country.

I remember there was a time we could openly talk about Muslims being our friends and sharing our food with them, but nowadays all of it seems to be an utopian concept that hardly exists, although not diminished completely.

We people have no integrity of character to help a dying person on the street to get to the hospital because it shall get us into a ‘police case’.Also, we lack humanity for we adjudge a rape victim as abnormal and characterless by blaming her for everything that took place than getting stringent laws to punish the guilty.

But we are the first in raising our voice to start an ambulance service for cows even when humans die of ignorance and their health is neglected!

In America, there are disputes about the health care bill and speeches about it but our great leaders talk about uprooting Muslims from India and building a temple at a place that probably doesn’t have any implications on our future.

We are furious at the Snapchat CEO for branding us as a poor country but when a draconian finance bill is passed legalising foreign funding to political outfits we hardly care because we are proud nationalists (pun intended).

We troll Manmohan Singh for speaking correct arguments and facts against demonetisation but we lack intelligence to even define the term.However as the brave pseudo nationalists that we are we shall troll the man who was responsible for saving us from a financial crisis and building the economy of the nation.Know what the fun part is? We shall instead praise the regime for just inaugurating twenty three projects that the Manmohan Singh government had started.

Even when the Delhi Government raised standards of education in government schools and the economy of the state we shall brand anyone as a Libtard if he or she dares to support what is right.

Even when jobs are destroyed and people get more into unemployment, farmers’ suicides get to a new high each passing day we shall stand strong as nationalists because we are proud of our country no matter even of the capital of the country is also nicknamed the rape capital.

We support and vote for leaders who objectify women and demean them with abuses for rape happened as they were alone.We are public lynching people because we have finally gotten into the era of good days and the public literally decides everything.We threaten a student with rape and murder for speaking what she thought was right.

It is fine to voice our opinion against something that we feel the other person is not doing right but for heavens’ sake stop slut shaming and threatening people.

Wake up before it is too late.It is as much your country as it is mine.And I still recall with pride every passing day the valour our soldiers show at the border.I pride myself on being resident of the country of the God of cricket, the nightingale of singing and the superstar of movies.

I feel proud of our achievements in Science and technology but let us be unified in respecting our differences and still stand strong.Let us stop the hate that is propagating itself.Repsect other religions as you respect yours,

As Ashoka said, “Don’t disrespect another religion.Because by doing so, you are disrespecting your own religion as well.”

And then I shall call myself a fortunate Hindu and an even more fortunate Indian.

May there be light.
Long live the country!

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