I suffered Mental Health Issues due to being myself

Posted by Shayani Sarkar
October 10, 2017

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We all know what it means to be a good girl In India . A good girl means you cannot question  , you cannot fight against a system , you should only be submissive , you have to suffer lets put it in simple words you cannot have a mind of your own . I was someone who suffered thanks to the stereotypes . I am a girl who has a mind , who fights against a system ,who speaks out against anyone regardless of hierarchy .  But each and every time i spoke my mind i was labelled as the girl who wanted to get attention . Each and every time someone wanted to take revenge they assasinated my character because what of course i am a girl and i am expected to break down every time someone says my character is loose . Yes i was depressed  . Yes i cried for nights . Yes i suffered . I had thoughts like should i back down , should i be like everyone else , should i just suffer but i got up on my own . Because i realized if i dont care for myself who else will .

Slowly and Steadily i am learning to fall in love with who i am . I dont need to change for anyone , i dont need to compete with anyone . I just need to improve myself . I will let my work speak for itself . In this journey , i have found a  lot of people who love for me for being myself and i will cherish them forever . But one thing is sure – i am unique and i love myself . A lot of guys dont like me for being me or for not being the girl who parties , drinks , smokes etc . But i will only fall in love with someone who will love me as i am .

I was never the smartest or the beautiful girl in the class  . Guys approached me so that i can introduce them to my roommate and my friend who was popular and beautiful . But i never tried to be like her because i dont want to loose myself in the journey of life and i never will .

I wonder how happier will be if we start loving ourselves because we all are unique and we all are special .



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