I Fought Corruption Using Twitter, And Won!

Posted by Dr. Bikash Kali Das in Society
October 25, 2017

On October 21, at 2.13 PM (IST) Radha Srinivasagopal, a social activist from Pondicherry, helped a senior citizen fight corruption by connecting to Rly. Minister Hon’ Piyush Goyal through Twitter to highlight her problem.

I had booked for my luggage to be shipped from Guwahati to Pondicherry, but my luggage was halted at the Chennai Egmore railway station. The parcel clerk wanted to get a bribe for shipping the same to Pondicherry. When Radha ma’am took to Twitter and highlighted my issue, immediate action was taken.


This made me very proud. Our country is at least trying to become corruption free and taking the required steps in that direction. I ask everyone to stand against corruption and stop providing extra tips to government employees for our work. It’s very important to learn and use social media mediums like Twitter as a mode of immediate application to higher authorities with relevant proof.

I thank Ms Radha for all her help and ask everyone reading this to do what she did – take a step to empower the country and stand up against corruption!