Posted by Nikhil Chouhan
October 30, 2017

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Most strategies built by the British rulers were solely dependent upon India’s social structure. Many invasions happened before the British invasion as well, but that was an era of rulers of dominant powers.

Most invasions that were when the war of domination was a general aspect of the rulers and prevalent in a society which can be said was ‘used to’ such powers. These led to the expansion of many religions being accepted by people. The era of rulers was not only a burden for normal citizens but also a feudal character of society. It sometimes exploited people and hindered their development, something that was directly related to their happiness.

Initially, through, the Mughals were believed to be the expanders of Islam and the cruel rulers. This is a very wrong interpretation because as far as these rulers were concerned, they invaded us, but were never foreign to us, i. e. they became part of us and settled here and as a part of it led to the development of the land.

The first mosque built in India was by a Hindu ruler in Kerela to facilitate Arab merchants for trade enhancements. Religion is something which links God and helps individuals grow spiritually and morally, and makes him fit for humanitarian causes. The second myth which prevails these days of their cruel or outrageous behaviour is not true, as many of kings both Hindu and Muslims concerned worked socially as well for the development of the society, eg. Akbar-the great, Chandragupta Maurya etc. People from different religions also assisted them.

The Britishers were very foreign to us, discriminated us on our own land and the actual perpetuator for spreading communalism which endorsed them to rule the country for their interests and make things simple for them when the impeding hindrances were popping for them. For the sake of their felicitation they communalise each and everything which in these days came inherent to us. British way of ruling on such diverse land came with the policy of “Divide and rule” which helped them a lot to prevent them from any outburst revolt. Many revolts took place within every section of society when the simmering discontents among people against the British empire. British used to be the protectors of minority rights but was not so correct. They used this minorities for their sake of interests in order to differentiate a united front of people into several sections. Eg. The Britishers hunged around 4500 muslims alone after the revolt of 1857 as the main doers of revolt. And these britishers after a while in 1900’s spoke for the minority interests in order to felicitate themselves to continue ruling India. Which at those times India emerging as a nation and the communal ideas were spreading all along as initiated by Britishers which in turn imbibed within us through those times and makes our society a stressful giant for evolving.

History is to know about the traced path of society which delivers us about our evolving course. As far as Indian history is concerned, there is huge impact of it in our present lives, but it does not mean to bash someone for the worried scenes happened in the past but to know it and learn the avenues of its happenings and also praise its well established things. Which for some of us is a shit to recent times but when to ponder in that particular condition and circumstances that shows us the big deal to happen in that times. Each and every instance written over on historical pages is a matter of importance that is why it is traced over there.

Economic growth leads to development, and this development is not just to increase everyone’s pocket but to have a frame of particulars in order to live a well established and sophisticated life not just in terms of luxuries but in terms of a visionary, decent, healthy and qualitative way of living in which an enhanced version of education and thoughtful conduct is necessary.

Moving back to the point to today’s questionnaire view, the happening in the India’s democratic era and to the future generation aspects.

Communalised thinkers genuinely step back to history for their beliefs, which makes their thoughts unfit for a so called ‘diverse land’. Indeed everybody wish to take chance in order to finish the race for getting power, many use these diversity to win a majority thought in which the majority is not something the democracy but a sense of flawed thoughts awaken. This flawed thoughts not only pursuit individual to find interest but in a more particular sectional way, which drives to the extent of a religion. Such a vision to move ahead is a threat to the nation’s idea of a secular character, which our forefathers actually sought the idea of well established and ongoing nation in its developing peripheral vision in order to attempt in the series of developed countries. For such diverse land the ideals of secularism, socialism, fraternity must be the centre of core but are only highlighted in the books. When these goals to be discussed among every section of society at the root level that day would be remarkable.

But what is in the context of these days is that some people are using the hampered terms in order to benefit themselves in the name for the interest of society which is actually the gigantic hoax and such malicious acts by them led us to communal chaos which in turn each and everybody specially the underdeveloped suffers.

When we move towards the democratic sense, these days a vote bank politics had emerged along, which a few elite sections takes advantage in order to get the power and some trying to communalise many issues these days pointing out a particular religion. Many people don’t know about being communalised or religio-centred but are driven by the external and political sources for which they tend to move towards it. This is something the most ushered internal threat which is disastrous for our ideals and wheels of the nation to move ahead.

The question is that “Are we following the right path to move ahead or a U-turn to move toward the British era”? The most vital concern for our future generations. So development is not something which increases our pockets but in a sense to enhance our ideology towards our better thoughts and harmonial environment for our healthy nation. The thing ahead for us is to choose right path and representative and stay alive and get strenghten the pillars of democracy and respect our ideals and forefathers which had a huge role in the lives we live today.

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