Indian School of Politics.

Posted by Ajay Morab
October 11, 2017

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The world has always looked towards India as a bunch of leaders. From ruling the Silicon Valley to owing the East India Company. Indians have always proved their metal. In the 21st Century, India has the highest GDP growth rate, we are having a rapid progress in the software sector and now India is even a start-up hub.
We are getting The Tatas, The Birlas, The Ambanis at regular intervals but it took 68 long years to get one Narendra Modi.
We are improving the perimeters of the country but the radius is getting decayed day after day, year after year.
We say, engineers, doctors, MBAs should come into politics. A young mechanical engineer won’t switch himself to an I.T sector because of his mechanical background, what are the chances that he will switch himself to politics? The field which he is completely unaware of. He will enter the politics only after his retirement from the job.
To build our physique we have hundreds of classes but to build our country we don’t have one.
Why don’t we start a graduate school in the field of politics?
The school should be segregated into graduation, post graduation and PhD level of courses. So that the youngsters get to know the in and out of politics. On the basis of that graduation degree, the student must even be permitted to appear for exams like UPSC and other state PSC exams if the student is keen in entering the field of bureaucracy so that the future IAS officers should be aware of their powers and even the power of politicians.
The Youngsters shouldn’t be restricted only to get inked on the voting day.
In near future may my country not only have the people with tags like Doctorate In Philosophy, Doctorate in Economics but may even have people with the tags like Doctorate in Ministry of External Affairs, Doctorate in Ministry of Defence, etc.
In future, this school may become a platform for another tea seller’s son to become the PRIME MINISTER!

(The author has equal amount of respect to all the Prime Ministers of the country.) 

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