Infrastructure Industry in India: Densely Populated, Scarcely Experienced!

Posted by Manavinfra Projects
October 9, 2017

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Who do you call when you need your furniture fixed? A carpenter! What if the pipes in your house are leaking? You would call a plumber, right? For every service you wish to render, you will always look for experts who excel in handling such issues. Primarily because you would not want to compromise on the level of services you are getting. This is just a consumer nature. Everyone wants the best in what they are paying for. This can be observed through all layers of the service industry, and infrastructure sector is no exception to that.

In last decade, India has witnessed a massive outgrowth in the infrastructure sector. The infrastructure market in India is one of the key drivers of the Indian economy. It is predicted that by the year 2020, the construction equipment industry in India shall grow at a CAGR of 6.18 per cent. At this rate, the estimated market revenue of this sector will be somewhere close to Rs. 560 crores. So there is a huge amount of business opportunities in the infrastructure sector, because of which a number of players have stepped in to the industry. Unfortunately the bar of quality did not raise in parallel with the number of service providers.

As a result of that the count of true industry experts in the infrastructure domain is very scarce. For instance, if you simply Google for ‘Construction Equipment Rental Companies in Mumbai you will find a long list of companies who will provide you with items and machinery required for infrastructure. Although, only a handful of them are actually experienced enough to cater to your requirements perfectly.

As mentioned earlier, the infrastructure industry in India is growing, and it’s growing fast. Last year, between January to May, the construction equipment industry of India recorded colossal sales of 21,869 units of construction equipment. It reflected a growth of 47.6 per cent as compared to the year 2015. To be able to fulfill the demand-and-supply ratio for such a radically growing market, the industry needs people with a heritage of excellence in infrastructure domain. Someone who can provide the best kind of rental equipment, precise expertise & an experienced eye.

In that manner, one of the best providers of rental equipment are ManavInfra Projects. Located in Borivali East, Mumbai. This company was established in the year 1995 with a mission of becoming the leaders in the construction and infrastructure business. Fueled by the passion of its founder Mr Mahendra Raju, ManavInfra Projects rapidly skipped through the growth milestones & became an eminent name in the infrastructure industry in Mumbai.

ManavInfra Projects is the soul company in India that provides infrastructure and construction services across 29 states. And they are among the most reliable companies in the infrastructure market. Starting from JCB, excavation equipment to prestressed Rock Anchors in MumbaiManavInfra Projects has it all.

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