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Introducing Sex Toys into Your Relationship

Posted by Akash Pandey
October 25, 2017

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Indian society is reserved. The topic of sex before the elderly in itself is taboo. Sex is discussed only among the friends with almost same level of experience in the field as you. For India, discussing the sex positions or your immediate concerns over use of sex toys, internet is the best buddy. The vast network of veteran people all over the world brings you the answer you wanted to ask your elders:

How do I ask her to use a sex toy in the bedroom?

Well since you are here, you are on your way to get the answer. But first of all, to those, who think bringing sex toys into relationship is a blotch on their masculinity:

Sex Toys are not your competitors. They are not there to replace you. That’s only a misconception. Just as you apply the Jam on Bread to make it taste good than before, sex toys do the same. Since majority of women cannot just have orgasm through regular intercourse alone, foreplay has a crucial role. Sex toys like vibrators for women assist in bringing your partner to the height where she can have an orgasm alongside you.

Sex toys

Taking the First Step

Now since some heads are clear, let’s get to the first step. Before you introduce sex toys into the bedroom, you need to make sure that you two have reached a state of comfort in the relationship. Both of you must be able to communicate about anything without embarrassment. Talking your way into using sex toys (which you can buy online) is the best way to go ahead. Show her the curated list of sex toys you want to use.

Making a list of Sex Toys for Couples

Select the sex toys which are meant for couples. No man would like a huge dildo and no woman would like a sex doll on the bed during sexual intercourse. Select the ones which stimulate the feeling. For instance, go with the mini clitoral massager, vibrating penis ring, lubricant, BDSM toys, restraints etc. Take screenshots of the products and show it to her.

Do not push

Do not force her to like a sex toy. Go with the flow. The main point lies here if she thinks a sex toy from your curated list can improve the fun in bed or to help her orgasm better. Discuss with her and buy what both of you can agree on.

Even if she does not agree on using any of the sex toys, do not push her. Communication is the key here. Tell her how important it is for you that she enjoys herself in the bed. Your passion would surely get the task done. If she still hesitates, do not say a word and give some time before she reaches that point of ease.


When you get the big YES for the sex toy introduction, get what you two agreed on. But do not waver if the first attempt fails or the sex toy fails to deliver the expected result. You can always find the right one online at Sexcare after experimenting one or two products.

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