Is boycotting Chinese goods only a job of poor and middle class

Posted by Ashish Roshan
October 17, 2017

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Today, when I was scrolling down the Facebook posts I came across a wonderful post. The post not only raise questions on the government but also the celebrities who never miss a chance to praise our army and soldiers. I don’t know whether they do it for publicity or they really care about it because their actions don’t justify or stand on what they said. As everyone knows this is the time of diwali and our prime minister and other folks asks us not to buy Chinese lights, decorative materials and other stuffs because it would help in developing Chinese economy and China is our rival so our own money can be used against us only. The second reason which is given and also stands true is that the major portion of income for our artists come from this festive season only. It’s completely ok and even I think we should promote these movements but at the same time why the term patriotism and what is your duty towards your nation is limited to poor and middle class. I never see the prime minister asking the celebrities not to be the brand ambassador of oppo or vivo. It neither stopped the BCCI from accepting oppo as it’s franchise. There are saying likes if you don’t find a hoarding of oppo or vivo at every hundred metre it may be you are not in India. I don’t think government is rational with the citizens because it is asking for everything and every duty from the poor and middle class. Either it should be same for all or else it is not democracy.

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