Jantar Mantar: Out of boundary!!

Posted by Krishna Singh
October 11, 2017

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Jantar Mantar has been the hub of protests. The youth, soldiers, farmers, workers and many other people from various sections of society come here to protest from all over India.

Many large scale protests have also taken place here, like for Gauri Lankesh‘s assassination, the ‘Not In My Name‘ protest and protest for One Rank One Pension (OROP).

This hub represents all sections and followers of all ideologies. Jantar Mantar is a place where people can highlight their grievances. However, what needs to be questioned is the reason behind the National Green Tribunal (NGT) banning protests at Jantar Mantar.

I believe that it is fascism that has taken over our democracy. The fascists feel the need to silence all forms of resistance and dissenting voices. Is noise pollution really the reason they could think of?

The right to protest against injustice, oppression, exploitation rising unemployment, inflation, crime, corruption, etc is now is being taken away from the people. The silence by the opposition, NGOs and the media is deafening.

We’re probably being monitored by various agencies. They already have our Aadhar details. The biggest threat to us is fascism and the state with all its machinery like the police and judiciary.

Unity and resistance of all exploited, oppressed people, without the boundary of caste, religion, and region is the only solution. Yes this must be under the leadership of a revolutionary party, with the aim of overthrowing fascism by overthrowing capitalism and establishing socialism.

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