Kashmir Problem and Possible Solution

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October 20, 2017


Hari Singh signed instrument of accession on 26 October 1947,acceding whole of his princely state (Jammu,Kashmir,Ladakh,Trans-karakoram tract and Aksai Chin). It triggered the first war against India and Pakistan. I will here not talk about war but concentrate on Kashmir problem its origin and possible solution!


Problem of Islamic mindset

Frankly Pakistan originated due to Anti Hindu sentiments among muslims. The muslims in Kashmir which were in majority had same feelings! The muslims in Kashmir had a problem of superiority complex. They felt we are Arabs because we are white. In truth muslims in Kashmir wanted a separate Kashmir nation which is dominated by sharia. They expected Pakistan to help as Islamic nation. Same ideology persist even today!

The Hindus in Kashmir in 1947 were only 15%! Hindus in Kashmir were busy in their own daily life and never paid heed to conspiracies.

Sheikh Abdullah grand father of Omar Abdullah was founder of National Conference!

Sheikh Abdullah was first PM of Kashmir. PM is used because J&K was treated as separate territory by locals! Abdullah himself said in his biography that he was Kashmiri Pandit! Sheikh Abdullah father’s name was Ragho Ram Koul who converted to Islam as he was poor and they were treated as second class citizen in ghetto area which had Hindu minority!

National Conference realized that they cannot fight against mighty Indian army. Moreover Hindus will never support who are dominant in Jammu region and some parts of valley. I am talking about 1950s! So they decided that there must be a provision that J&K will be part of India but India will not govern it! This gave birth to Article 370. I consider that it was biggest foolishness of Nehru! But many say Nehru was a muslim as well. I cannot comment on reality of Nehru!


Sheikh Abdullah- He wanted separate Kashmir


Kashmiri Pandits along with many Hindu and Sikh communities faced massacre in 1989-1990 for pro India stand. Local muslims called them Kafirs. It was due to increase in muslim population in valley many came from Pakistan because border fencing is poor in many areas! Hindus were facing problems from 1947 itself but it triggered in 1980s due to more secular stand by Central Govts! Waving Indian flag in Kashmir became sin



Anti India provisions of Article 370

Let us discuss points why this article is against India.

J&K people have dual citizenship. No person outside India can buy property in Kashmir. That is why no FDI ,no industrial growth in state!

RTI not applicable in this region. CAG which is independent audit organization of India cannot audit J&K Govt. This rule protects corruption.

Muslim demand reservation in many places. Got reservation in state like Tamil Nadu. But no reservation for minority Hindus in J&K.

The state have 2 flags which try to symbolize that India is illegally occupying the state. I think only tricolor should be applicable.

The separate Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir. They have their own criminal codes named Ranbir Penal code.

If a girl of J&K marries man outside state she will lose property and citizen ship of J&K. But if Kashmir girl marries Pakistani man she will not lose her rights. Now this is disastrous.

There are many provisions but these provisions I think are worst. Dr Ambedkar was against article 370. But Nehru was over secular or some say he was muslim himself!


Dr Shyma Prasad Mukherjee was furious on such foolish article. He said that we cannot separate Kashmir from India. Dr SP Mukherjee was Central minister for Industry and Supplies. He entered Kashmir on 11 May 1953 to oppose article 370. He was immediately arrested and kept in dilapidated house! He died in mysterious circumstances. i think he was murdered and he paid price for his nationalism! A cabinet minister not safe in Kashmir. You can imagine condition of common Hindus in valley!

SP Mukherjee opposed 370


My view on AFSPA(Armed Force Special Power Act)

One always see Kashmir muslims and even muslims outside Kashmir complaining about AFSPA. If terrorism has no religion why muslims fear AFSPA? I think AFSPA is very weak and should be made more stringent. Even though so called barbaric law exist Hurriyats and other do anti India rallies. What will happen if AFSPA is removed. I think one can appreciate importance of AFSPA. Why Hurriyat enjoy all luxuries. Some messages on social said that Central Govt stopped funding of Hurriyats. Geelani was admitted to MAX hospital instead of AIIMS that was shown clearly! I will ask RTI to further clarify on this!


There must be shoot at sight for such things. But Center fail even to arrest!



My view on solutions to Kashmir Problem

Open Centre to learn Sanskrit in Kashmir and 500 selected scholars from all over India should research in Kashmir valley. After all Kashmir is land of Rishi Kashyap. They must get army security!

Yes article 370 is the biggest problem. But it cannot be removed in one go as it will create disturbance. Allow Hindus to buy property in valley. Hindus from all parts of India should be allowed to settle in J&K. Off course Kashmiri Pandit rehabilitation should be done with rapid pace. Allow Pakistan Hindus to settle in Kashmir.

Its not a UN subject. No talks with Pakistan on this issue. 70 years of talk had no yield. Pakistan needs rocket launcher fire! I am not saying that India should indulge in war. Follow countries like Israel which fire missile when ceasefire is violated!

Saudi Arabia fire drones on protestors. They never allow protest against Royal family! Indian army should now increase its level. Enough of tear gas. Now open fire who pelt stones and wave Pakistan flag. More stringent AFSPA. Central Govt can pass such acts.

Kashmir is rich in gas and oil according to geological survey of many countries including India. Oil is not in great amount but yes we have plenty of gas in snowy regions. Allow Central Govt employees of Geological surveys and build colonies for them. Need to build army colonies for outside Kashmir soldiers.

Indian Govt should send many Kashmir muslims to Pakistan and Arab countries through suitable treaties. It can happen Arabs need large work force allow muslims to go there. Encourage them to become permanent citizen of Arab countries!

Central Govt should only fund schemes in Jammu region. Also restrict muslims in Kashmir only. We do not want more demographic changes. Kashmir should not receive funds until Hurriyats are banned by state Govt.

Communist and liberals blabber humanity. But there humanity is in favor of terrorists. They never condemn terrorist action when security force people lose their precious lives!

When Hindu population declines suddenly that territory becomes illegal occupation by Indian army! So strange you know!


In Myanmar many anti muslim wave is prevelant. Massive anti muslim riots took place in 2013. On subsequent months of 2015 many children and women were killed. Buddhists of Myanmar were fed up of Islamic demands. This happened. Myanmar is hybridization of military and democracy. Even Aang San Suu Ki silent on incidents. More than 8000 muslims were kicked out from the country. Myanmar tolerance ended and they cracked down on Islam.Even army was involved in muslim killings. Yes the state of Myanmar even had big clashes like these in past.

Pic of muslims killed in Myanmar.

Teenagers and children burned alive in Myanmar.


Should India act like Myanmar?  You all can comment below. Well I think the answer to Kashmir problem lies in this! One cannot say that Kashmir is not a  Hindu-Muslim matter!

Yes Kashmir is Hindu-Muslim problem!





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