kya ye pagal hai??

Posted by Priyanka Khulbe
October 10, 2017

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depression.. is worst phase of my lyf

many ppl at that tym thaught  i am escapist,lier but the thing in my mind is always like sinking boat

i feel everything useless,waste i tried sucide for  more than 5 times (unsuccesful manner) then i started cutting my arm with blade just to feel the pain

that tym when i cut my arm with blade i thaught its satisfying

den one day my frend take me to psychiatrist i found it very costly den later i told my mothrer she just asked me pagal hai kya

although india has good % of doctors still ppl blvs depresion is not a disease later just becoz of money reasn and i quit counselling one of my frn suggest me of bhagwat gita

now every time i feel depression or loww i read this book- bhagwat gita

never think its a holy book its a book of a problem faced by common ppl in life

dont think i am a holy person

thats my story…

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