Lack of Accessibility in Physical Environment may lead to Depression for Disabled

Posted by jayrao991
October 11, 2017

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On World mental health Day everybody talking about Depression how can anyone get out of it and how it can be worst to someone in life. generally people thinks depression is may be emerged out of failure, Social Hurdles, Bad relationship or maybe any other problem face by individual  case to case but for people with Disability in India i think lack of Accessibility may lead to depression for them. As in Our country physical Built environment is full of hurdles for People with Disabilities they are facing such struggle each and every day in life. able bodies people may no have attention about it because it is not restrain them they talk about depression as serious issue but we have also to look these persons who because of lack of accessibility make their mental condition frustrated. A wheelchair user like me India has  to suffer most as small step also restrain me to enter into any public building. many of us to be feel relax and get rid situation of mental frustration think about to light walk to any public garden but this small things also may not possible for persons with disabilities in India as their is no accessibility. In our society convicted persons put behind bars as for punishment and keep them within four walls. this is happening in India to Persons with Disabilities without committing any offence they has to face such mental situation which sometimes may lead to depression and unfortunately in worst just because our physical environment is hurdles to them because of lack of accessibility. there is first anniversary of Rights of Persons with Disability Act near in months passed by parliament of India which mandate accessibility in Public Building. but law is  truly benefited  when there is proper implementation. there is need to  enforce accessibility standard properly and promptly  as its also related to Mental health of Persons with Disabilities of our country

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