Lalus performed Chhatt Puja into ‘unholy’ water

Posted by shakeel ahmad
October 31, 2017

KANPUR: They seemed slightly taken aback watching Lalu Yadav & family carrying out a traditional Chhatt Puja around something like a homely Ghat in the residential precincts. The presence of the aged leader was deemed too important to complete the holy rituals at the hands of his religious-minded wife. She offered her devotion to the setting sun by standing within the ankle-deep water of a not-so-large pool. Her heirs were also present and looking at her closely.

It was a wonderful surprise, of course, when hundreds of Indian-American devotees performed this rite on the bank of the Potomac River. Dozens of women were reported to have observed the fast and completed the whole of the ritual in the traditional ways. This was not confined to one place, but extended up to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Atlanta, Greater Washington, Delaware, and New Jersey. When they performed the rites in the river water, the puja performance of the Yadav family in unholy waters seems a little awkward.

The common devotees consider when they were practising rites around the sacred river ghats, subtly responsive ‘Lalus’ carried out their holy rituals inside an unholy water filled in an artificial house tank. They were undecided over this news as they did not know where to look, or whether to express amusement or shed tears. They had taken it like a family affair. Even now they cannot fairly trust in such sort of sham and went on even more coherently. Although the veteran politician greeted everyone on this occasion yet he did not utter anything about the performance of puja at her residence where the river water does not directly run.

However, the TV viewers found Misa Bharti and her brother roaming in the fruit market in their hometown for the puja. They, no wonder, did not care to think of putting their feet on the stairs of the river ghat. Indeed, viewers would compel to think of distinct observable fact. Actually, it is more than unexcitedly a way to switch on the very monotonous materialization condition, state or situation. or whatever one might decide.  Resultingly this will goad not one but a lot more to ponder over this “Why?” Nevertheless, it was absolutely hard to find out the precise or exact response to this sort of finicky “why?” that made people go out into the simple yet pertinent matter in deep search of any possible other sources of easiness for prominent individuals’ convenience.