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October 4, 2017

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We see a shift happening these days in the profile of human resource professionals. Their goals and key responsibility areas have changed over time. What does that mean for the new age HRs who look to optimize business processes? It means that at the start of every year they struggle to put in place a plan which meets the goals of the strategy, thought of by the board room executives. Failing in this respect, talent management systems of enterprises will lose their credibility on the leadership as a result of which, their employee engagement programs will take a deep hit. Not to mention, that other initiatives by HR professionals would be lesser valued than before.

The right way to go about your talent management strategy is to follow a good number of sequential steps:

Step 1: Prioritizing the objectives of an enterprise.

Step 2: Understand the factors that promote the interests of your organization.

Step 3: then move on to the job of marking out deficiencies.

Step 4: Now comes the turn for HR goals.

Step 5: Keeping the above in mind,

Let’s try and look at each of these in a bit of detail, shall we.

First, making a table to work on this step would be the best way to go about it. for instance, Talk to the leadership and read their mind to know if there’s any change required to be made in the already existing talent management systems of the enterprise. if yes, then include such changes in your plan.

Second, this strategic exercise allows one to understand the drivers of affirmative outcomes for an organization. one ought to have a broad view of things and include both internal and external factors when discussing challenges. All of this could ultimately come to include the topic of a new technology, job satisfaction survey, the numbers related to the job market as well as compliance and statutory regulations.

Third, the gap analysis is a crucial step in the path to growth. If you want to do things the right way, you’ve got learn and know what are the things that you are doing the wrong way. An example, a brand wants to make sure that it ranks as number one in the prospect of customer satisfaction, in that case, it ought to measure feedbacks in-terms of ratings. What kind of a service is being rated the best in class what will it take for the brand to get there,

Fourth, at this stage, we assume automatically that following the above sequence, HRs have been able to draft a policy, say for employee engagement processes. What comes now, is the need to see through its implementation and make sure that damn well turn out to be effective. Needless to mention that keeping an inventory of things is much advised suggestion.

Now that the plans have been put in place, start curating the numbers and begin communicating their effects to the board-room, after all that’s how you would now that the plans have been put in place, start curating the numbers and begin communicating their effects to the board-room, after all that’s how you would gain reputation for the efforts that you put in.

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