Life on a Chessboard

Posted by Farha Salim
October 4, 2017

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“All the world’s a stage.” said Shakespeare once .

Life is pretty unpredictable. A little love, a little pain, and things that almost never go fair. Rules remain only for referees and judges, to make their living. Almost no one plays by the rules. A bloody combat between wickedness and goodness, with every unexpected move around the corner that threatens an entire kingdom!

Time, rushing faster than jets, scares the players, they decide too fast and often fortune favours the brave. Bad luck showers on a few as well. It is where defending one’s kingdom means attacking the neighbour. Sacrifices are made but are rarely worth it. Overthinking and creating loopholes to escape become part of life. The lucky ones go from rags to riches, like the pawns who make it to the other end of the board, while others make a gamble with this unpredictable game and end up slain in the battlefield, usually with their own swords.

When the ground is barren, and the rest of the kingdom gone, the king himself can do very little, just one step at a time, they are totally helpless without the rest. What is the use of having all the riches and jewels and the crown of ultimate power, if you just can’t use it?

Usually everything multiplies here, good and evil, money and poverty, the rich keep getting richer and richer, and most of the poor remain so. Most things undergo an exponential increase. Both the number of squares on a chessboard, as well as, the average approximate lifespan of a human being start from 1, and end at 64.

Ironically, they shake hands in the beginning, and then start war on the battlefield. The black and white squares manage to camouflage the blood somehow, and “survival of the fittest”, holds in this duel as well.

So what exactly is life?

Life is funny, unpredictable. An unruly game of chess!

All the world’s a chessboard..!

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