Linguistic experts at Inlingua New Delhi: Better English can actually help you earn more

Posted by Neeraj Sharma
October 27, 2017

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With English becoming the lingua franca, it is certainly a useful skill to possess in the corporate world. Experts at Inlingua Delhi believe that learning English may be one of the best investments that you can make, since it can help you bag better jobs and earn more than your peers. Research has shown that about two-thirds of the learners in global business hubs such as Asia, Europe and South America are learning English in order to apply for jobs in their native country or to work overseas.

English language can provide major assistance in giving your earnings a boost in more than one ways. “In almost every country and in every part of the economy, good English skills are one of the best ways to get a job. English not only helps you land a job, but is often essential if you want to move up the corporate ladder. Employees with good English usually make about 25% to 35% more money than those who struggle with the language,” said an expert from Inlingua Delhi.

The multinational work culture is one of the biggest propellants of the necessity of English language. The use of English as the common language in MNCs, and adopting English as the working language for international operations has established English language as a necessary job skill. However, this works to your advantage as you learn English, since fluency in just one language gives you access to companies around the world!

According to the experts at Inlingua Delhi, proficiency in English can often help you find the job you’re looking for. “Many job ads and recruitment websites are in English, and good oral English is great for networking and job interviews. Many of the world’s top business newspapers are in English, so being able to read papers like the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal gives you the most up to date information on new opportunities,” said an expert at Inlingua.

He added further, “Even if you’re working for a company that does most of its business domestically, you never know when English might become necessary, especially as the global economy continues to grow. English-speaking employees in are able to advance quickly in international divisions. Moreover, if your company ends up being bought by a foreign firm, they will definitely be looking for English speakers they can work with.”

Learning English language to a high grade not only helps you get a better job, it also provides you with a higher degree of job security as you’ll become more useful to the company where you work.  Even if most people in your firm don’t speak English, proficiency in the language means you’ll be well-placed if there are any new opportunities, whether working with foreign clients or going abroad. According to linguistic experts at Inlingua, English can help get you to the top, no matter where you are or what stage you’re at in your career.

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