Live Together

Posted by Farha Salim
October 9, 2017

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Freedom, as its definition states, implies ‘the power to act, think, or speak as one wants’ ”. The Indian constitution is known for its perfect design, apart from being the longest in the world, and the Article 19 guarantees the Freedom of Speech and Expression. While I wholeheartedly agree that hurting or being disrespectful to a particular community while exercising one’s right to freedom of expression is not appreciated, there must be space to accommodate the thoughts of every individual. And the truth must not be hidden from the citizens of the greatest democracy in the world.

These days, many people tend to exaggerate the least harmful things and neglect the actual harm they cause to the people of India, in the riots and killings that follow. Nobody in the world has the right to take over another’s life. When a set of people take the rule of law into their own hands, the complete essence of living in a democratic republic dies down. There is a judiciary to resolve conflicts and punish the deserving. When a set of people decide to control what other people think, speak or write, and by the power of their number the others have to give in, freedom is plainly denied. Living in the very country that protected them for so long, now poses a threat to each and every one who has different views. Many who were brave enough to voice their opinions out loud, often had a brutal end.

The callous attitude of people these days, the narrow mind-sets and the blindness caused by utter selfishness have all contributed in creating a miserable place to live in. The many cultures, languages, and rich traditions we were once proud of, the most praised unity in diversity, how our forefathers fought the enemy together, hand in hand, and won over the “Divide and rule” policy made by the British, apparently seem forgotten now. For a better place to live in, one must learn to accommodate the views and opinions of the other. The country does not belong to a set of people, it belongs to one as much as it belongs to the other. After 70 years of independence, the 90 years of struggle that led to this must not be neglected. As citizens of a multicultural country, one must learn to live in harmony with the other giving sufficient space to accommodate the interests of both the communities. The beauty of our country resembles a vibrant fabric, in all its colours. A close knit brotherhood, the feeling of oneness, that we’re members of the same family, and thus deserve each other’s respect and love should shadow the little fights that may otherwise rise. Let our unity set an example to the world for the years to come.

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