Love is the new lust

Posted by Shalini
October 17, 2017

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Does love exist? In today’s world of instant gratification, love has taken a back seat and thus, lust takes a new dimension. A 20 something writes her heart out on the very same old age delusion.

How does it feel to be in love?

Is it love or is it lust?

Truth be told, nobody knows the answer. I tried looking for it. Quite literally, I tried reading the literature (mostly trash) available online. Interesting, he would have said.

It is quite amusing to see the things that we do to amuse ourselves. It’s also amusing to see the things that one would do while believing that it’s love. And the question of unconditional love doesn’t arise. They say one must be hopeful in love. I may sound despondent, today. But, believe me, it’s tough. The popular one-liner, to love or to be loved, sounds optimistic. The question that hounds me today is, why are we scared to be alone? Love does wonderful things to people, as he would have said. But he’s not in love with me. And I have been in denial of being in love. But, wait, what is love, again?

It hurts. Yes. I’m talking about love. The thing is that it’s not supposed to hurt. It should be smooth.

Well, it does hurt. It’s love, after all. And it’s not smooth. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t be hopeful. We should be hopeful, for a better tomorrow and maybe for a better lover. You must be thinking that the person who wrote this must be sad and hurt by someone. Oh, yeah. You’re right. The catch here is, we are just not hurt by someone or something, as a matter of fact, we let people hurt us. It fills up a void and the void is replaced by the constant desire for affection. At times, I wish if I could stop expecting from people I love. But without people hanging around us, what would become of us?

Love is pure and it can be unconditional. While I wait for my boyfriend to check on me, I’m hopeful for a better tomorrow, where I wouldn’t relegate my love for someone as lust. Lastly, if I had to make a rational choice between loving someone and being loved, I’d prefer the latter. For once, I’d like to feel loved, like the movies, for once.

And while I struggle with my one-sided love affair with my so-called lover, I would like someone to answer this for me, How do you get over someone while you’re still in love with them. You want them, you crave them and lastly, most importantly, you love (d) them. I think falling out love would be the best thing that can happen to me, right now. But, wait, what is love, again? On a lighter note, I think I have answered my own question, and that’s what my counselor would say! And we all have answers to all our questions. Eventually, we will have them. And I’ll be at peace for once and all.

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