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Posted by Pramey Nigdikar
October 23, 2017

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This poem is written from the perspective of just any common girl, whose subconscious fears translated into a dreadful dream one night, the reason being the increasing awareness of the existence of numerous faceless monsters in our society.
If a nightmare can haunt its way into her daily life, pushing her into waters of insecurity, then how much more agonizing must be the reality of a victim!

Into the unknown

Those screams of helplessness
still echo in my head,
the moment they strike my ears,
awaken all the forgotten fears,
blot out every other memory
of that night!
I tried to pull myself together,
reinstating in my heart,
that it wouldn’t last forever,
the choking voices would soon die out,
and the deafening sounds would fade out.
But they never let me forget,
that how, suddenly,
I had ceased to be a human for them,
Rather, just a toy!
A toy, to be unwrapped,
to be leered at,
to be fidgeted with and played with,
to be fought over and claimed upon,
And then,
to be thrown away in darkness.
I’d found myself lying in a pool of salty red,
Not a single tear spared to shed.
I broke into
an unkempt laughter,
laughing at the infidelity of fate.
The solace that I’d expected
in my own race,
I found in loneliness,
where the darkness won’t undress me,
the silence won’t stifle my pain,
anguish and sorrows,
I was a living being,
at least, the winds won’t forget it!
I was screaming into the night,
into the fading lights,
gasping for air,
panting for breath,
And then,
There I was,
I had woken up!!
It was a dream,
Just a dream!
Though a mere nightmare,
Yet, nothing was same thereafter,
I had slipped into a world unknown,
An unfamiliar territory of uncertainty!


Sneha Ann Abraham,
Content Head, Roobaroo

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