#Metoo and who not?

Posted by Mansi Guher
October 24, 2017

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Surviving as a sexually harassed victim is not easy.

This poetry is dedicated to all the strong survivors out there.


She rubbed herself while bathing
She touched herself while crying
Tried every soap and shampoo 
To clean their sins from her body
To make it pure from their impure touch
But she failed…

She cried persistently while sinking
She was like a tube flowing in the water
Dead inside with just body; moving
She lost it, her smile, her aroma & herself
Like a flower when plucked loses itself
No matter how much you try to keep it alive
By watering it, but it fails

She was failing, cleaning herself
But she couldn’t
The dirt wasn’t in her body anymore,
Reached to her soul
The scars were deeper than the sea
And darker than the darkness
She was dying, slowly, but surely she was

She cried to an extent
No eyes showed hope & tears
Broken, smashed & shattered
She was told things will get better
But she was somehow deaf 
Only could hear her soul scream
For betterment, but it failed…

Instead of castrating the culprit
She was questioned, repetitively
What was she doing out so late?
Why her clothes were inappropriate
This ugly side of the society
Welcomes her to embrace new life
While all she craved for death

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