Posted by Ruchika Khanna
October 31, 2017

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Military dogs are our “real-life” heroes. We can say ourself patriotic in nature but these dogs work for our country and we can adopt it, if we want a pet. We will have to respect those animals , if we really patriotic in nature.It doesn’t matter “Are they(military dogs)  old or unable to work because OLD IS GOLD. We can donate for Indian Soldiers for our country , same as we donate for RETIRED MILITARY DOGS who are our real super heroes.Because “Old Age comes in everybody’s life(even in our life) whether sooner or later”. If we are unable to work or retire form the work, can we approve that we should be killed after retirement.Mercy-killing of military dogs shouldn’t be done because nobody can wipe tears if they killed after retirement or unable to work due to some medical conditions because people can give some money to those disabled people who are begging on the street.
If we donate some money for old-age homes. why can’t we donate for “Retired Military Dogs” who always work for our country?These dogs are not burden for our country after their retirement. We should give them a chance to live the life happily after their retirement.
Military Dogs are the life-line of military which is used in military. If we raise voice against Cow Protection, why can’t we raise voice against “Defense of Retired Military Dogs”. We should give them a chance to enjoy their life after work rather than “Killing the Military Dogs after Retirement”.
Salute to Indian Military Dogs 

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