Moody Ji Startup

Posted by Rishi Pandey
October 15, 2017

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Yes I am going to talk about Narendra Modi ji , our honourable  prime minister.Before I start I clarify that I am neither Bhakt nor Liberal .Also like to say my vote was pressed for his party and went for his party .I call him as Moody ji .

Last Lok Sabha Election ,I took leave from my office in Mumbai to make my vote count at my hometown. It was just second time for me to press the ballot buzzer .My family was a pro Congress family with some of my family members actively involved with INC and everyone voted the symbol hand.I the youth did an assessment and study and found no way I can vote for Congress they were loots and corrupt and their contribution to growth of nation was proportionally way under par .I looked for the alternative and found Modi Ji being projected as prime minister I knew it has to be BJP and they will clean sweep the rest this time .There was a reason ,The Gujarat Model which everyone thought if implemented across the nation there will be no stopping .We will progress in industrialization ,education ,political good will and subsequently see a less polluted politics.I heard of his dedication towards his duty , his command over projection and also I saw him as leader not a puppet .It had to him.

Now the question is did I go wrong or is it too early to judge ?

My answer to this is, Moody ji is a startup manager which did some small project and excelled in them initially.The startup with will of growth projected them self for a large project usually handled by level of large MNC . .Moody Ji startup in order to out show other biggies and to make sure they grab the project not only promised to deliver on requirement in lesser time than the deadline but also offered them alternative grab at a very low price .Client failing to find sucess on project with tied up MNC thought of taking risk by offering it to Moody Ji startup looking at their success ratio ,efficient budgeting , better man management by setting them a deadline of 5 years to deliver.

It all started smoothly at the beginning.Moody Ji startup jumped into the pond of development with experience of small project and announced their arrival.Initially the analysed all the unimplemented source codes by previous company ,refined them and put them to market  . Clever , enthusiastic and  intelligent Moody Ji startup started founding milestone one after another.They almost found a success mantra as Client  was mostly happy . So Moody ji decided draft some more fine tuned source code from past MNC ,client saw good hope in it .MNC cried foul to client but it was of no use.

Life is not always happy happy ,Moody Ji startup made too many projection too quick without assessment of application time required to deliver .They started using other software in market having capacity deliver on propaganda set by startup but the software was already over used and it recieved instruction from Moody ji but was not programmed  exactly as Moody ji would have needed .Resulted in chaos and non delivery of goals in correct timespace, leading to  mass loss in faith for client in small run and Client started looking frustrated .This issue continued for few more projects and rival MNC ,media houses and bigger mass among client started developing doubts .

Moody ji trying to please majors actually got diverted from actually target .They started feeling pressure of non delivery of requirements in time .They started to project alternative achievement and asking client for extended timeline for delivery of project .To confuse the client rather than explaining their progress report have started counting of non delivery of promise by last MNC .

Moody Ji startup though in a mess have shown some character delivered on odd projects but on other side also made some false and alluring promises  .Some  key projects laid foundation by Moody Ji startup demands bigger timeline better infrastructure and higher cost induction and can prove   beneficial in long run .But client has budget or feasability  is difficult to analyse  in current status. The client is pleased or unhappy time will tell as they still have a year and half to review their position and take a call .Client is praying to God that Moody Ji startup delivers max .

Moody ji or next MNC  time will decide. Client  needs a win no matter who is the manager.

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