Nehru: Wrong PM Choice

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October 18, 2017


Nehru was First Prime Minister of India. We all know that and I am sad that why this tragedy happened to India. He is a person who is glorified by super secular Historians. He implemented foolish Economic policies but still regarded as Man who had vision of Modern India by slave courtiers of Congress. He was a person who is responsible for Division of India along with Gandhi, who failed to act tough on Pakistan politically and a person who is responsible for murder of lakhs of Hindus.Many internet posts say that he was a Muslim who played conspiracy against India but I do not have concrete evidence to claim that whether he was really a Muslim or not. But I agree on the fact that he gave deep wounds to India.

Early Congress Leaders.

Congress from start had a culture of British slavery. Nationalists who joined Congress left it after some time. Congress was started by retired British civil servant AO Hume in 1885. Now let us think why British would be interested for Indian interests? British feared that if educated Nationalist Indians will join freedom struggle it will be disastrous for them.

Muhammad Tarique’s book Modern Indian History (TMH publications) like all secular mafias praise Gandhi and Nehru but it admits that early Congress leaders of moderate phase between 1885 to 1905 believed that British rule is blessing. Even after witnessing peasants oppressed and drain of Indian wealth how can one have such feelings?Next time if Congress boasts its struggle tell them this reality!

Early Education life of Nehru

Nehru was a flop lawyer like Gandhi. He studied law at London.

After returning to India in August 1912, Nehru enrolled himself as an advocate of the Allahabad and tried to settle down as barrister. To present his failures as lawyer in positive way what his slaves write is- But, unlike his father, he had only a desultory interest in his profession and did not relish either the practice of law or the company of lawyers.

Well if Nehru was influenced by Nationalist movement it does not mean he can mess as a lawyer. Even Sardar Patel who was involved in Freedom Struggle practiced law successfully though he was from a poorer background than Nehru.

Nehru as Barrister.


Congress was Dumb

Before 1929 big Congress leaders never demanded Swaraj (Indian Rule). They looked satisfied with British rule and just asked for political reforms,reduce taxes and all. They were not in mood for Independence. The Indigo planters movement,movement against Ryotwari system were never channelized by Congress party as Independence movement. No education about Indian Nationalism was provided by so called Nationalist Congress to poorer sections of society. In fact anglicized Congress leaders were pleased by British Rule. True Nationalists like Tilak,Madan Mohan Malvaiya,Subhash Bose left Congress. Nehru believed that there should be no attacks on British officials even if they kill you exploit you! Were most Congress leaders blind? In truth they were puppets of British Raj. They were Indian faces who got bribes from British so that they convince other Indians how good British rule is.

Civil Disobedience Movement

After seeing popularity of Nationalist leaders like Bhagat Singh, Congress passed Poorna Swaraj Resolution at Lahore session in 1929 presided by Nehru. On Jan 31 1930 11 point demands was present before Irwin who was Governor General. Both Nehru and Gandhi analyzed the list and these were general in nature. One of the demand was reform of CID( police branch even today exist CID,CBI),Nehru a lawyer failed to explain what laws are demanded to reform CID. See he was a third class Lawyer!  So the main demand was abolition of Salt Tax. Irwin rejected the demand and Salt March was organized.

Many kids and women suffered from diseases like Goiter because of eating Gandhi-Nehru manufactured salt which was not purified,not iodized. Nehru who presided Lahore session failed to lay down proper plan for movement. Nehru was reluctant to include Dalits(untouchable) in the movement. The reason was that he had some cold war with Dr Ambedkar. Today Congress use Ambedkar name and beat dhols on name of Dalit rights.

Many Muslim leaders and intellectuals expressed their concerns about status of Muslim minority within India. They feared that culture and identity of minorities would be submerged under domination of Hindu majority! (Lines from NCERT Class-10 History Book,Page 69)

We can see that Muslims never cared about Indian Independence. Nehru supported them he bowed before Jinnah and India got divided. The fact that Muslims contributed in Indian Independence is total lie orchestrated since Nehru Government by Congress.

Nehru Became Prime Minister-Misfortune for India.

Nehru became Leader of Congress and eventually first Prime Minister of India in 1947. Gandhi played major role in convincing many Congress fronts to support Nehru. Remember Nehru became PM without elections in 1947. How Nehru did that? Off course he had good relations with British or I must say he got results of British slavery. After gaining popularity and money from initial years of PM post he managed to win elections in 1952.  Nehru was annoyed by the fact that why Indian soldiers who returned victorious from Second World War killed British officials in 1944-45 in massive numbers. He was annoyed by Bose who openly challenged British Raj and asked them to leave or else their will be bloodshed. He refused to give Government aid to educational institutes started by Tilak in Pune. However Congress state Government later gave financial help.

Nehru had very close relation with some Britishers.


Failed Economic Policies of Nehru

Nehru was impressed by Marxist thoughts and was close to Communist ideology. He implemented Russia’s model of National Economic planning in which Government Quantify which product should be manufactured in what quantity. He focused on Heavy industries. TATA and other players who were successful even in British times were not allowed to enter,only public sector worked. Though India was not a pure Communist regime several license rules,Inspector Raj controlled Indian Market.

My view is that even after seeing successful Mixed economy Plan by France (Monet Plan) which started in 1940 why Nehru opted for useless Communist control?

After British rule public sector was hampered. Why TATA and other Indian manufacturers were not allowed to contribute towards steel Industry in bulk even after knowing their success stories. They were successful even in 1914!

If agriculture is backbone of Indian economy why no technology was given to agriculture. Nehru sold cotton seeds at throw away prices and imported finished textile products. No measures were taken by Nehru Government so that India can compete with China cotton. Same British policies in factory was implemented by Nehru which were objectionable during Freedom Struggle.

He constituted Planning Commission which was extra Constitutional Body and had power to allocate funds with Prime Minister as head of PC.He did not like some of his cabinet ministers so to bypass them PC was constituted. Today NITI Aayog we see is Think Tank and States has power to accept or reject their proposals. Even Union Government can reject NITI proposals although PM is head of NITI Aayog.

Diplomacy Blunders by Nehru

We know that Nehru always did drama of soft power. Since Nehru subsequent Governments showed impotency in dealing with Pakistan. I really appreciate Modi Government for doing better job than previous regimes.

Nehru gave UNSC permanent seat to China which was the biggest diplomatic and strategic blunder committed in History of Independent India.

China because of veto power is protecting terrorist like Masood Azhar. That blunder is still hurting India. In 1962 Ind-China war he failed to give instruction for air missile strikes or else India could have won that war. We know that Bharat Ratna is decided by PM and his cabinet and Nehru awarded Bharat Ratna to himself for beautiful big failures.


Concluding Remarks.

We all now that how Hindus were killed in thousands especially in Kashmir and Bengal in 1946 and in this article they were not elaborated. Even 1000 page article is less to describe Gandhi and Nehru sins. India got Independence because of Bose,Bhagat Singh,Indian army who came from Second World War but Nehru sat on PM chair and credited this to himself.

Tell true facts to future generation. Understand meaning of manipulated lines given in History Books. Congress was in power so they manufactured their own army of media and intellectuals to present History. Never believe such false claims!

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