An Open Letter To My Online Sexual Harasser

Posted by leena hazarika in #NoPlace4Hate
October 25, 2017
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I am sure that even now, you are writing some mean, sexual and horrifying messages to some random girls in the hope of getting some weird sadistic pleasures. I think your morning starts with you scanning and looking for women who you think are perfectly eligible to face your violent comments and abuses. Maybe in real life, you don’t have love. Maybe you’re just intimidated.

Now, when I think about all the weird texts you send me, I honestly don’t feel angry because I realised that it’s not my fault that I am a bold and outgoing woman. I don’t look like an easily available person too.

It is your fault. Maybe you were brought up in a household where you were not taught how to respect or value women.

People like you make us few women feel worthless. May be not all my sisters around the world are strong enough to digest all of the open threats and insults you throw as soon as the morning starts, in the hope that someday some women might agree to sleep with you. Many of them are still facing bullying and fighting depression because you make them feel horrible about their own existence. But, no it’s not they who are weak, it’s you who is weak because you need the feeling of being above all females to show you that you are man.

Your words creep into my skin and disgust me. You attack women to fulfil your fantasies based on violent pornographic films. You expect us to feed your weak and delusional mind by replying in support to all the desires.

But, we protested. And that’s where it went all wrong for you. Our reactions made you feel weaker than before. You were pushed back into the reality that you are nothing but just an unhappy, lonely and sadistic man who has these horrible ideas coming into his mind.

But let me tell you that I am not scared of you or your behaviour. I have never let any abusers to escape or roam freely.

But, the only fear that freaks me out is there are many others like you around us. Every day, we face at least 4-5 people like you online who are not even added on our friendslist but, yet, they have the audacity to send us sexual and abusive content. I am worried that you all will never stop abusing us. I am worried that what if someday stalkers like you will actually follow us and harm us in real life. What if these criminals behind the screens, like you, really do comes in front of us for real?

It is not humanly possible to file an FIR each and every day about various fake accounts. I think we need something stronger than that to eradicate men like you. I think we need protection everywhere. I think our society needs to stop thinking that a woman is made to harass. I think we all need to stop thinking that it’s ok to get such responses. Most importantly, I think we need to stop thinking that it’s okay to ignore them and keep quiet about it.