Now To Then:-An Amend

Posted by Garvit Bhirani
October 29, 2017

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I reminisce,when I was in class-3rd(2008),there was only one mobile phone in my family amongst four.It was very fascinating to use that phone but only when some one is not on the call or for few minutes.

It was 2008,Nokia and Reliance were famous/in the market at that time,Reliance we preferred!It was not us but then other acquaintances too.That Recharges and offer,pretty awesome.

Slowly,a new phone(touch & type) was launched in 2010 then little late of launch,that phone was brought in.Pleasantly,two phones and then that gusto,wonderful it was!

One at home,other with dad and it was best way to communicate with other people too.To know its functions and to use it further was also interesting.

Next year,another phone for an elder sibling with some new production by the company.

There was a drastic change and soon many kind of phones were in the market(including Apple’s iphone).

Soon,people near by me shifted to touch screen phones and then the Android became popular amongst many.

Many MNC’s (Multi National Companies) entered India and propagated its mobile phones.

Little late,people got to know much about an iphone,lucrative one.Then some shifted to iphone apple,some stick at android and remaining that phone which was initially introduced.

Becoming mature enough,android phone was gifted to me by my parents,fascinating to use it.

(Between 2012-till now)There was/is wide variety of phones in market,people were/are perplexed “what to choose”?

Now,many of the teenagers are having their personal phones.Yes,lucrative products hegemonised the demotic of India.

In 2017,android and ios both are developing,no doubt in that.Both young & old people (both generation) are curious to know about new technology and using it reckfully!

Therefore,Time has changed then definitely your usage would also change (if you want),accordingly to time,it all happenes.

Upgradation Endures,impeccably! 




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