Online opportunities to trump conventional jobs: Searchline Database

Posted by Richa Chaada
October 28, 2017

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Searchline Database, a leading database management company, believes that with growing need of job flexibility, online job opportunities are going to trump conventional jobs in the near future.

With changing times, corporate work culture is slowly transforming itself.According to experts at Searchline Database, requiring employees to be in the office is becoming an outdated tradition, which ignores today’s sophisticated lifestyle and long commutes. It harms both – the employees and the organizations – in more than one way.

In the words of Nicholas Bloom, Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business, working from home is a ‘future-looking technology’. Experts at Searchline Database agree with Professor Bloom and say that online ‘work from home’ jobs have enormous potential.

According to the research by Professor Nicholas Bloom, people who are working from home actually complete their shifts. People working in a regular, 9-to-5 job setup might be delayed by traffic, take a long lunch with a colleague, or leave work early to let a repair person in while working in a conventional office. They are less likely to be on the clock for the full workday.

Experts at Searchline Database believe that online job opportunities, including telecommuting, allow people to concentrate better while working from home (or any other place of their choice), since the office proves to be an amazingly noisy environment.

Employee retention is another aspect that online job opportunities help companies with. Studies show that resignation at companies dropped by 50% when the employees were allowed to work from home. According to Professor Bloom, “Not only do the employees benefit (by working from home), but the managers benefit because they can spend less of their time painfully advertising, recruiting, training, and promoting.”

According to Searchline Database, online ‘work from home’ jobs have double benefits. Employees are much more productive and happier in when provided with job flexibility. On the other hand, managers don’t have to spend much time recruiting and training people. Moreover, companies make far more profit by allowing employees to work from home and customize their schedule since the employees pour in all their dedication in the setup.

The perks of online job opportunities don’t stop here. Considering the environmental issues we are facing today, like pollution and ozone layer depletion, online job opportunities have a lot to offer with respect to this facet. The society, on the whole, also benefits from the setup, owing to huge reduction in congestion, driving times and pollution, which telecommuting can bring about.

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