Online shopping

Posted by kanwal puneet
October 11, 2017

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An advertisement on Instagram lured me to buy a watch, which did not seem to justify its price for brand that it was. But in today’s arena of cut-throat competition, I chose to believe an upcoming ‘Flipkart’ should be allowed to do me the favour. Little did I know I’d be mugged. What I got after a week of placing the order was a fake product, did not even resemble the picture shown on the website. I checked the website, but there was none, indeed what I found was complaints from other people, who too were cheated like me. I was surprised, and all those stories that people tell of getting a stone delivered in place of the original product flashed before my eyes.

I was hurt, not because I felt cheated, but because I was confused, not being able to fix the blame. Who was at fault for this incident? The good guys- that offer us quality services at such reasonable prices, that have eased the shopping experience for millions, or the bad guys- that took advantage of the reputation that the good guys earned, to mug people. Well, those are other people, but the most gullible to this ‘blind’ technological revolution are the consumers and their trust. I would always be scepticle before ordering anything online.

And just to warn anyone who reads this, do not buy stuff (howsoever genuine it might appear) from an unverified source.



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