PM Sh.Modi, Please make India free from fraud/scam cheating common man

Posted by Lillian Sherwood
October 28, 2017

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Sub: Jukaso Fraud/Scam and money laundering activities


A large number of innocent and ignorant common man has been cheated by the group of companies of Rajiv Khanna, Malini Khanna, Yajush Khanna in various cities of India alike Shadhara/Sahara Scam.

The modus operandi as known is one and same with every person. The unemployed youths are engaged to go around different malls and social events venues and distribute coupon to such people that own car. The counterfoil of the coupon is retained with name and mobile number of the visitor. The tele-girls are engaged to check in database he/she is a new entrant and then call the person to inform that he/she has been selected in lucky draw for holiday vacation and he/she is invited to the designated office for collection of holiday gift. The executives at the office are professionally trained to first read the mood of the person with few questionnaires and then they dishonestly induce the visitor couple with various lucrative travel package offers bundled with attractive benefits and cheat them in systematic manner. No time to think and decide is given, and it is said that the offer being exclusive for the day and he/she is the only second last couple and then no more. The visitor/person is dishonestly induced to pay and after the payment is swapped by debit/credit card the couple is fraudulently induced to sign various documents as formalities. After few days, the visitor person realizes that he/she has been dishonestly induced and the organized crime syndicate has cheated his/her hard earned money. But money once paid is gone forever. If refund is insisted the couple is put on fear that the couple has signed legal documents and according to that it is admitted that he/she shall not claim any refund and company reserves right to forfeit  the money for violating the terms and conditions. No financial guarantee is provided to compensate the couple for defaults on the part of the company to accommodate the benefits as promised. The legal documents are prepared under well planned criminal conspiracy in a manner that the person signing the documents is left with no choice but consign to his/her fate to forget the money once for all. It is claimed that the grievance, if any, may be referred for arbitration but the arbitrator is again appointed by the company who will but award the judgment in favor of the company only. In other words it is Head I win and Tail I win situation. The conspiracy of fraud/scam is planned in systematic manner and the common man is cheated of the hard earned money with precise perfection as the organized crime syndicate is assisted by good legal brains who are also the beneficiaries of the loot.

 The group of companies of Rajiv Khanna, Malini Khanna & Yajush Khanna are as follows:

1.   Jukaso Hotels Pvt Ltd         CIN: U55101DL1996PTC080941 (1996)
2.    Jukaso Resorts Pvt Ltd.      CIN: U55101DL2013PTC250324 (2013)
3.    Jukaso Facility Management Pvt Ltd. CIN: U74140DL2015PTC277507 (2015)

4.    Journeys Resorts Pvt Ltd   CIN: U55101DL2015PTC277598 (2015)

Rajiv Khanna inherited the company Cork Products Pvt Ltd. which manipulated and managed debts from bank to the tune of over 25 Cr in 2013-2014. The credit rating of Jukaso Hotels Pvt. Ltd and/or Cork Products Pvt Ltd are not available reported by the credit rating agencies like CRISIL/CARE/ ONICRA/SMERA. But yet the bank officers have been generous to fund the companies of Rajiv Khanna is open truth of corruption. The mandatory norms to get the credit rating of the project examined by 2 credit rating agencies have been willfully and knowingly ignored.

It is also not understood how further debt has been corruptly managed for hotel – Jukaso IT Suit at Gurgaon in 2013 at the site that was allocated for education purpose. Hotel has been constructed by dismantling an existing school for girls in unholy alliance with HUDA authorities that are widely known for corruption. The CLU has been illegally and corruptly changed into industrial use that was initially allotted for educational institution. The poor and needy girls of Gurgaon have been deprived of the basic right to primary education at the cost of Jukaso IT Suit Hotel by HUDA. The source of fund for such big hotel is not known and IT/ED officers have remained silent and evaded to probe the investment for fraud/scam and money laundering. The phenomenal growth of wealth of Rajiv Khanna after 2013, who was surviving on salary till 2009 raises many eyebrows.

There are 5 FIR consisting of 5 complainants in each FIR (total 25 complainants) registered with EOW (West) Gurgaon in 2014 for committing fraud and cheating, and peaceful demonstrators of the victims have been physically assaulted by bouncers called by Jukaso. Again there are additional 30-35 cases further referred to EOW (West) Gurgaon against the group of companies of Rajiv Khanna apart from the 25 FIRs for engaging in criminal conspiracy to commit fraud and cheat and dupe the hard earned money of common man. Moreover, in August 2015 about 25-30 people have filed complaint with Hajrat Nizamuddin PS, Delhi against the group of companies of Rajiv Khanna for committing criminal offences of fraud and cheat. The members of organized crime syndicate under the leadership of Rajiv Khanna are fearsome influential person having money and muscle power and committing fraud and cheating repeatedly, continuously and fearlessly is matter of grave concern that demoralizes the faith and confidence of law abiding citizens in the rule of law.    

Rajiv Khanna who has become rich overnight with fraud/scam and money laundering activities is an exception of richest of riches in the corporate history. It is reported in prominent news in 2015 available on Google that Jukaso Hotels have undertaken to invest Rs.600 Cr in India and abroad. The group of companies neither has the credit rating nor the market goodwill and reputation to generate such fund in fair manner. It is expected that the needed fund shall be raised by fraud/scam and cross border money laundering activities. The statement of Yajush Khanna, one of the directors, to Zee News correspondent as available on Google, if believed, the group of companies are targeting around 3,00,000 common man in India to raise the fund of Rs.600 Cr  in the similar manner as being practiced repeatedly, which shall directly/indirectly ruin 3,00,000 families and burden the judicial system and police with 3,00,000 additional criminal complaints costing the exchequer more than INR 300 Cr. The Govt. of India is duty bound to protect and safeguard the interest of common man against the fraud and scam of Jukaso; it is wise the shutters of the companies of Jukaso are rolled down before it is too late and force innocent and ignorant people commit suicide on mental stress and strain for being duped.

The hard earned money of innocent and ignorant common man is siphoned off illegally and safely as no financial guarantee is provided to the victims to compensate for defaults. Rajiv Khanna who by profession is expert in hospitality management has found India an appropriate and fertile land where dishonest and corrupt officers are easy to purchase with hospitality and in return extract protection and licence to the companies of Jukaso to loot the common man. One Surender Verma who was Asst. Commissioner of Police under UP Police, and one time custodian of law has joined the members of the organized crime syndicate as a legal officer. The conspiracy to cheat the common man is thus designed and fabricated in a systematic manner and legal documentations are accordingly prepared which are then fraudulently got signed from the victims with malafide intent to escape legal punishment.

The ACP rank, if not true, is deemed to have the sensual capability to sniff a crime instantly, and safeguard/protect the interest of common man. But “Rakchak have become bhakchak” is the irony truth; and common man is the ultimate sufferers. It is sad that such dishonest officers enjoy the retirement benefits at the cost of exchequer which only motivate the like-minded officers to follow the suit on the one hand and demoralize the spirit of honest officers on the other hand.

It is sad that police takes the plea of the judgment of Delhi High Court that directed the Delhi Police to be cautious in registering complaint of fraud and cheating and as such FIR is not registered for months and months. The order of Delhi High Court is misunderstood as criminal offence of Fraud/Scam and Cheat the hard earned money of common man has been directed to deal with heavy hand by Supreme Court of India. Ex Chief Minister of Haryana Sh. Chautala & others is one such current example, if any, that they are behind bars for 10 years. There are various orders of Supreme Court and High Courts directing the police to register FIR without delay in the matter that affects large number of common man but such directions are being ignored and overlooked is highly unfortunate. The evasive action of Delhi Police and inaction by Home Ministry to act promptly has added to the woes and sufferings of the common man. The capital of India has gradually become vulnerable to rampant scam/fraud/cheat and breakdown of law and order. Law abiding citizens are losing faith in the administration. Delhi Govt. on approach pleads helplessness to take action on the ground Delhi Police is not under its control. Common man is, therefore, kicked from one office to other like a football and fraudsters/scammers /cheaters continue to enjoy the illegal bonanza.

 Rajiv Khanna and the members of his organized crime syndicate being rich and influential persons and having money power and expertise to manipulate and manage the corrupt and dishonest officers shall continue to gain the illegal benefits and shall continue to escape law at the cost of common man. I sincerely appeal that the voice of the victims/common man may please be appropriately understood/heard by the people from all walks of life in India and abroad and lend support to the justified cause to take stern action against the fraud/scam that intended to cheat the hard earned money of the common man.

Only safer Indian shall motivate foreign investment else the investors shall shy away whatever the hard efforts beloved PM may try shall be effective less as long as life and property of common man is not safe.

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