Political System should be Reformed to reach at the goal sooner. Syed Karar Hashmi

Posted by Syed Karar Hashmi
October 10, 2017

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Syed Karar Hashmi 

Islamic Clerics and Well Characted People Should Makeup their mind to fight all upcoming Elections in Kashmir  with an aim to represent the real aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.  

Capturing of political power is not the final goal but means to reach at the goal well on time. The corrupt leader never represent aspirations of its citizens nor try to find out any way for amelioration. The Islamic Clerics and people having sound Character must contest every upcoming Election in troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir with a strong intention to save the Land of Reshis and Sufi’s from Catastrophe and annihilation. Kashmiris have always been deceived by Leaders and Political Parties by one and other means. To add that the New Delhi have also been misguided and misleaded by So called representatives of people and other Leaders, due to miser but major self interests without taking public aspirations into consideration.

The force, Gun Culture, terrorism and other supressiv means are not a single way out to find a solution to any problem whether big or small. Leadership lacks an effective and holistic strategy to go with. People change the drivers of the bus but need is to change the bus as a whole. We have supported National Conference as well as People’s Democratic Party with a bigger mission but both failed to represent the aspirations of the people at broder spectrum.

The situation in Kashmir is grim and irony is that all the political leadership is silent on the latest tactic Braid chopping. The South Kashmir is engulfed in fire , chaos and in dilemma. Young Generation is attracted to join the Militant ranks. Everyday encounters and killings of young brains of Kashmir is a matter of great concern to ponder.

The strategy of bandhs and Hartals are Anti people move and resulted economy loss worth of crores in the Valley. Leaders in valley are alienated from the masses , not capable to build trust building relation with public nor take the confidence building measures. The condolences on the dead bodies of youth in a Valley is a new trend to hold the grip in politics. Leader is responsible to deliver justice and try to stop every crime on the society. What steps have been taken by them to bring back the train on its track in South Kashmir. Why are we loosing young generation to the gun ?

The role of Islamic Clerics, Well characted people, enlightened citizens and educated Youth are paramount to take a stand and struggle for the cause of truth and Justice in the State.

Author is Social Activist from Central Kashmir Ganderbal District, Studying at Al Mustafa International University Qom Iran.

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