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Posted by Abhi LK Abhinav
October 20, 2017

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Dew of fragility disappears from her forehead every morning
Thickening streets with an unusual laughter and mockery
The smoking maze, a daily riddle geared to crush
A sex checked in the box, huddled around
by almost an instinct thrill of crude lewdness
Ascending up floors in this darkened shoebox

This air-conditioned prison offering pun cokes
Centuries-old secret leash, a soundless whipping
Beefed up will, grapple of a golden measurement
Curled around the spinning heaving pottery wheel
Disinfecting floors of a genetic disorder
Seated on the head of the table, two buttons down
Taunting at the crouched ogles, this wounding of another sex

Access badge the jewelry substitute
Glitters down the flamed cleavage
Invading acres of dismantled fraud manhood
A load of children caged in the tummy might have frowned
This genocidal choice every month stained a scrap of history
Heedless to a clock, only the attitude remains
Preaching a fatherless girlchild a language completely new

@L.K Abhinav

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